Quinn – 11, 12, 13 & 14 Months


My little twin :)


This is my favorite picture of us <3

IMG_0224      IMG_1137 IMG_1216Just going to try my best and lump the past 4 months together. I’m sure I will miss out on a lot but at least I can give an overview!

11 months

IMG_9662 IMG_9777

IMG_1322Quinn went to the day home a lot this month because I was working full time. She was pretty shy and cautious at first and liked to have the day home lady close to her all the time. She cried at drop offs but close to the end of the month she stopped crying and just had a pouty lip. She would be done crying as soon as the door closed and she couldn’t see me any more lol. We were still breastfeeding when I wasn’t working, so usually 4-6 times a day depending on if it was the weekend or not. I noticed a dip in my supply for sure. She got 2-3 bottles of formula during the day when she was at day home. She got 3 meals and 1 or 2 small snacks, but she was still getting the most of her calories from milk. She’d pull herself to stand on all of her toys but wasn’t too coordinated to try and walk yet. Her favorite toy was her music table – she liked to pull herself up and dance. She also liked her little piano. Her favorite food this month was raspberries, yogurt, cheese, and peas. She got her first fever and it lasted a few days :( It got up to 40 at one point so we brought her in to get checked out but all was fine (thankfully). I spent my first two nights away from her when I went to CARNA meetings and Matthias held down the fort. She could say Mama and Dada.



12 months


The big ONE! She started to say Daddy, and would say it all the time. By the end of the month she added in Mommy. We breastfed until the end of the 12th month, the reason we stopped was because my supply dipped and I wasn’t sure how much she was getting before bed. I wanted to fill her up and cut out the dream feed at 10pm but when I tried to stop that shed wake up in the middle of the night wanting more milk. So she started getting a bottle before bed (starting with 3oz and working up to 6oz) but breastfeeding throughout the rest of the day and first thing in the morning, probably 3 times a day. We went cold turkey at the end of the 12th month and she didn’t really notice I don’t think? Eating was pretty much the same but she started getting more of her calories from food instead of milk. When we stopped breastfeeding she would get 1-2 4oz bottles of milk at the day home. We transitioned her from formula to milk during the 12th month and that went okay although she initially had (and still sometimes gets) constipation from the milk. I’m really glad we did Baby Led Weaning. It was a seamless transition as she was still getting the same food at each meal time we were eating, she just started swallowing more of it. She does really good with feeding herself and only having 2 teeth didn’t really slow her down. Day home drop offs got a bit harder as she was only going part time instead of full time, so she’d cry again when I dropped her off but stopped right when I left. She started pushing her toys around and haaaaated when I’d close the baby gate to keep her in the living room (she still loses it when I do this now lol). She was still napping twice a day, usually at 9am and 1:30pm. We did a Cake Smash photo shoot for her birthday and had a little family and friend birthday party at our house. Both were lots of fun :)



13/14 months

Quinn’s vocabulary has expanded quite a bit within the last few weeks. She can say Mommy, Daddy, Cat, Dog, Puppy, Uh Oh, Hi, and Bye. She talks non-stop but most of it is gibberish. She comprehends quite a bit though – when you say “Come here” and she doesn’t want to she will turn and crawl away as fast as she can. Same with “Should we change your diaper?”. She also shakes her head No to everything haha. I planned to do sign language with her but never really did it consistently, so she understands the words More and All Done, but doesn’t have a sign associated with them. I think the cutest thing she does is when she gives you a big open mouthed kiss haha. While she knows lots of things she will only do/say things you ask if she wants to – so you can ask her for a kiss 5 times in a day and your lucky if you get one. Haha figures.


She LOVES Paw Patrol. Her current favorite thing is standing at the windows and looking outside. Shes also a huge fan of the water table. She can walk holding one of our hands but shes pretty unsteady. If she holds both of our hands she goes a lot faster. Other favorite toys include cell phones, remote controls (but only if they have batteries), books, and emptying the cupboards.

This last month the Day Home drop offs have gone a lot better. No more crying at all :) She goes 2-3 times a week depending on how much I’m working. She also decided to go from 2 teeth (which she got at 10 months and then never got any more after that lol) to 6 teeth in a matter of 2 weeks. She has a 6oz bottle of whole milk in the morning and before bed and eats 3 meals and 1-2 snacks a day depending on when her nap(s) fall. Her favorite foods are all carbs, yogurt, strawberries, peas and carrots, and her least favorite food is broccoli, salad, spinach, and anything else green (besides peas).


She’s in the process of going from 2 naps to 1 nap, depending on when she gets up in the morning. If she has two naps they are at 9:30am and 2:30pm and if she has 1 nap its usually from 11am until 1pm-ish. Bedtime is 7pm and she usually wakes up at 7am on the dot. We bought a humidifier for her room and it adds a lot of white noise which has stopped her from waking up when Matthias gets up for work at 5:45 (Hallelujah) – we are ALL happy about that one haha. After we stopped breastfeeding I noticed she started sucking her thumb more as a comfort thing. Mixed feelings on that lol. I sucked my thumb for too long, so I hope she doesn’t do that, but I also like that she is able to comfort herself.

Shes a sweet, cautious girl. Quiet when she doesn’t know the people she is around but chats away when she warms up. She’s very observant and likes to have someone she trusts with her in new situations or around new people.


It’s funny, I didn’t realize just how much she’d changed over the past 4 months. She’s really gone from being a baby to a little toddler (even though she doesn’t quite toddle yet). Reinforces the saying “The days are long but the years are short”



Oh, Hi There.

It’s one of those things…

You don’t really have anything to say.

So then you don’t say anything, and time passes.

Then your not sure how to come back and pick it up, or what exactly to say, so you still don’t say anything.

And then more time passes anyways.

So here I am. 4 months and 4 days later.

Lots has changed since we last chatted.

One of the biggest factors to my lack of updates here has 100000% been because of work. While I feel like I do an OK job of managing my home life and work life and everything in between sometimes sacrifices have to be made in order to “create” more time in your life and that unfortunately led to this space becoming quiet for a bit.

So now that I have a few months under my belt and I know what to expect and how to manage it all I hope to liven this space up a bit and share more long-hand what I’ve been up to and how I’m doing.

My plan is to write up a 4 month update post on Quinn, although she’s changed so much so I don’t even know where to start with that lol. And then go from there.

In the mean time, let me tell you about my Work!

23367631edc1ea235f831de2af11c351Finding my balance of going back to work proved to be an interesting task. We started Quinn at the day home at 10.5 months so she could get used to going a couple days a week before having to go full time. I ended up re-orientating at the hospital and then starting a full time 7 week teaching gig at the college which was a great experience.

Being full time was a lot.. but the job offered me some flexibility to feel like I was able to keep on top of the housework and stuff, which I greatly appreciated. Quinn adjusted pretty good to the day home. I got into a good rhythm of evening prep for the next day. Haha

Once the term was done it was back to the units for me. Shift work is A LOT harder than I expected with a baby, and I’m glad we have a flexible day home that allows me to pick up both days and evenings. She opens early for us and closes late for us. Super thankful for that. Throw in my schedule being all over the place as I’m casual and I am EXTRA thankful for a day home that is flexible and for the most part can take Quinn short notice if I get called for a shift.

I’m currently working 6-7 shifts in a 2 week period. It’s enough. Days are longer because I’m away from Quinn for more hours and we are up at the ass crack of dawn but evenings are more tiring because I don’t get to sleep till 1 and then Quinn has me up at 7am on the dot.

I thought I was going to be getting a full time teaching job for next year, which I was pretty excited about (consistent hours, sharing my love of mental health nursing, weekends off!) but it fell through, so now its pretty up in the air.

Which leads me to my next exciting announcement! We’ve decided to move to Airdrie. We were tossing the idea back and forth for a bit now as we started to get our house ready to sell, but after hearing that I didn’t get the teaching job it was like a giant “HERE’S YOUR SIGN”. I’m hoping we get the house listed by the end of this month and then we can work from there to sell and buy and all that fun scary stuff.

Matthias has more options down there for in-town commercial work and if he has to go out of town we are much closer to the airport. For myself – plenty of mental health in hospital and community opportunities, 2 potential universities to (eventually) teach at, and being close to the U of C = MASTERS DEGREE. *cue the bells*

While I 100% believe this is the right move career-wise for both of us, its still a little daunting to move away from home. My dad is here. Some of my friends are here. I’ve always felt like Red Deer is my home. So it makes me feel a little nervous to be leaving it. But Matthias and I are ready to start a new chapter in our lives, and with the turn of recent events I think the change of scenery will do us both good.

Have you ever done a big move? Any tips or wisdom?


Inspired to do one of these by Nicole. Haven’t done one for a while and it might be a nice way to catch up 😉

[Watching] NOTHING. There is absolutely nothing on TV right now. I just finished the entire series of Gilmore Girls. That pretty much ate up the entire last 6 weeks of my maternity leave lol.

Jess was the best. Amiright?! I hope that Rory ran in to him on her tour during the campaign and they got back together. Maybe that will happen in the Netflix special!? *swoon*

[Reading] I just started Big Magic for Personal Development and The Nightingale for leisure :) Both are good thus far!


[Drinking] Tim Hortons Regular at this exact moment, but I’ve been LOVING Strawberry Shakeology lately.

[Training] primarily doing Hammer & Chisel but also throwing in weekly Yoga and a Spin Class. I’m not trying to overdue it especially now that Quinn is in Dayhome because I don’t want to tank my supply just yet. So usually one workout a day, 5ish times a week. Starting to think about signing up for the Woody’s though.. but I also want to do Insanity Max 30… decisions decisions.

[Listening] Anyone listening to Serial Season 2? I didn’t think I would get in to it because its about the US Military but I actually quite like it! Not a fan that its every 2 weeks now though.

[Wearing] my PJ’s still… but I’ve gotten better at wearing real clothes the last few weeks in preparation for my return to work 😉 I even dropped some pants off to get hemmed. *PROFESSIONAL*

[Eating] nothing atm, but my favorite bedtime snack has been 10% Vanilla Greek Yogurt. Super thick and delicious, #allthefat. I mix in a TBSP of dark chocolate popped Quinoa (from Nutters) or of Dark Chocolate chips and it reminds me of stracciatella gelato!

[Loving] Hmmm good question. Loving my Husband for sure. He’s in the process of selling his truck (EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! This means SO much for our financial situation). That’s a pretty big sacrifice for him, so he deserves some lovin’.

[Planning] LIFE. I don’t know how single mom’s get everything done in a day. I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish anything when I go back to work, especially full time! GAH. My day planner has become my bible.

[Dreaming] Of a life without a $1200 monthly truck payment. Fingers crossed this comes to fruition!

[Dreading] Nothing. I don’t particularly look forward to dropping Quinn off at the Dayhome. But I definitely don’t dread it.

[Excited] for the opportunity to TEACH. I’ll be instructing at the College for the next 8ish weeks. I hope it goes well and that I don’t feel like I’m drowning and that I am able to facilitate a quality learning experience for the students. I won’t be talking about it in too much detail in social media/on the blog, but keep me in your thoughts :)

[Thankful] for a healthy daughter. When you learn about the struggle some people are going through, and when you find out about all of the pain and suffering of some children, it really hits home and makes you hug your little ones a little tighter. I’m grateful for every difficult moment and every special moment because some people don’t get either of those and that just isn’t fair. <3

Quinn – 10 Months

Poor girl with her cold

Poor girl with her cold



Not Measured (Getting close to 20 lb I think)


Not Measured


Not Measured


Mostly 12 month stuff, 18 month Pekkle sleepers are still ridiculously big 😉



We are at a solid 3 meals a day. Depending on the day I will offer an afternoon snack, but not always. Meals are usually whatever I am having or leftovers from the day before. When Quinn is at the Dayhome I send her with a Lunch, which I actually really like because then I know shes getting good stuff :)

Breastfeeding is going good. She eats anywhere from 4-7 times a day still. When she is at the Dayhome I send her with Formula because I don’t have enough of a stash in the freezer to send her with. This kind of makes me sad, but it is what it is. I plan to breastfeed as long as we can, and on the days shes at the Dayhome for the full day I’ve pumped once or twice.

Night Sleeping

Consistent with last month, however teething plus a cold gave us a few ROUGH days with 3ish wake ups a night. I was TIRED. It’s funny because when she was waking that much when she was younger I didn’t really feeling “tired” at the time, but now when she has some rough nights I feel like I was hit by a truck haha.

Day Sleeping

Still going strong with 2 naps. Quinn naps well at the Dayhome! Cry’s a bit before she falls asleep but that is pretty consistent with being at home and its more of a protest than a “YOUR ABANDONING ME” cry. She naps in one of those little pod things when she is there which is cute but hard to imagine.


So we started going to the Dayhome this past month as I go back to work in 8 short days. I feel like the whole Going Back to Work thing deserves a post on its own – so maybe I will write about that this week during one of Quinn’s full days at the Dayhome. Our transition looks like this: 1 week with 2 half days, 1 week with 1 half day and 1 full day, and 1 week with 2 full days. From there I go back to work, and she will be going anywhere from 2-4 days a week.

We lucked out and really liked the first Dayhome provider we met with. She is accommodating to my crazy schedule and weird hours, has lots of experience and education, and lives literally a 1 minute drive down the road. The first 3 times (Half Days) I dropped Quinn off I don’t think she really understood what was happening (That I was leaving). She did fine, with no tears, and seemed content enough to be passed off. On the first full day she went she started to tear up/cry/reach for me when I passed her off. She knew what was coming by handing her over. That pretty much ripped out my heart. I didn’t cry, but I had to leave pretty quick because I didn’t want it to get any worse. Now whenever I pass her off to someone she doesnt know she reaches for me and starts to cry because she probably thinks I’m going to leave her. During her days she does okay – a few teary/whiny periods where she probably realizes I’m not there, but other than that she does okay. I’m hopeful this month she will fully adjust to the idea and be okay with it.


With starting at the Dayhome we have had cold’s 3 & 4. She also got her first tooth this month! I think shes working on the second, but its still not quite there.


Clapping and Waving are the norm now 😉 She understands “Hi”, “Milk”, “Mama”, “Dada”, “Bubba” (Tucker), “Olivia”, “Rosie”, “Hank”, and “Oakley”

She’s a little chatter box, and she can say “Mama” and “Dada” to the correct person, but it is usually when she is upset, otherwise she interchanges them and uses them sporadically. Dada is definitely her favorite word. She also smiles big when I say “Kitty” and “Meow” – She loves crawling after Oakley and Olivia.

Standing all over the place. She pulls herself up on everything now.


She likes to play with anything she can stand on, her activity cube and table are her current favorites. She seems a bit impatient when I try to read to her and she tries to roll off my lap – does this get better? Haha I hope so!

She is more of an observer still at the Dayhome as the other kids are bigger than her, but this last month she has really started to watch big kids play when we are out. She will watch and smile whenever they run around haha.


  • Mama
  • Dad (when Mom isn’t around)
  • Cuddle Kitty & Cinnamon (stuffed animals)
  • Crawling behind the Couch
  • Activity Table
  • Baths
  • Trying to Roll off her Change Table
  • My Shoes
  • The Pets (particularly Olivia)
  • Remote Controls


  • Having her water cup taken away from her
  • When Mama passes her off to anyone else
  • Being in the Carseat for too long
  • Standing for too long and not knowing how to sit back down
  • Diaper Changes
  • Strangers