Recommitting to Postpartum Fitness

Just like with (almost) everything else regarding having a baby, I had grand plans for my postpartum fitness. Granted, I am only 7 weeks in, but I have felt the itch to exercise since about week 3, so for about a month now. I’ve done lots and lots of walking (almost daily!), and aside from the few pump workouts I got in, I’ve fallen off the exercise wagon.

It was really hard at first because I knew I wanted to exercise, but Quinn’s naps wouldn’t be more than 25-30 minutes long, and they were so sporadic and often broken up into smaller chunks separated by crying that I just had no idea how I could fit in day time exercise besides walking (I didn’t feel ready to run with her in the stroller yet). At night after I got her to sleep (shes sleeping by 8:30-9pm, but lays down to bed at 7:30ish), I really didn’t feel like working out. Most days, I’ve been up since 6:30am and I don’t nap well at all (so we all know where Quinn gets it from haha), so I was just not motivated enough to workout right before going to bed. All I wanted to do was unwind from the day.

Now that we are getting closer to a better nap schedule, and we are actively working on it every day, I am ready to start fitting in an early morning workout during her first nap (which is generally her best one, clocking in at around 45mins.

My plan is to alternate Pump Workouts with Online Yoga from the Breathing Room. On days when its pretty nice out I will start Running at the Dog Park with Quinn in the Stroller. I’m going to aim for 3-4 workouts a week, with walking on most of my off days, and work my way up to 5 workouts.

I’m also wearing my Fitbit Flex again, but it doesn’t count steps when my arms are stationary and pushing the stroller! Frustrating. I’d also really like to upgrade it to the Charge or the Surge, but that’s out of my budget for now because obvi I needed to buy another UppyMama Wrap (haha..).

beforeI’m one of those lucky people who actually loves my postpartum body more than I loved my body before (hello, I just grew the coolest (and loudest) little chick ever!), so here are my 4 week postpartum pictures. I gained way too much weight during pregnancy, and I am still far away from my comfortable body. No shame though. I’ll get to where I need/want to be in time. :)

Win Your Way to SPARTA!

A few years ago Matthias and I participated in a Spartan Race in Calgary. It was such a fun and unique way to spend time together! Now that they are offering Spartan Races in Red Deer as well, I am excited to take part again this year closer to home! Maybe little Quinn can come cheer me on? ;)

IMGP0047One of my favorite parts of the race was the camaraderie that I felt. If I couldn’t get over an obstacle you could count on another participant to help give a boost. I also didn’t feel out of place if I wasn’t strong enough to do something. I was able to work at the obstacles at my own pace and if I couldn’t do it or didn’t want to I just did burpees instead. My arms may have been burning the next day. ;) *worth it*

My race entry and my medal are both still covered in mud and hanging proudly next to all my other entries and medals. I am excited to add another muddy one to my collection this year!

IMGP0049I’d love to share the spartan fun with you! The folks from the Spartan Races contacted me and I am excited to be giving away 1 free entry to a Spartan Race in Western Canada!

They have also been kind enough to provide all of my readers a discount code! Save 15% on your registration with the code AROO15 at checkout!

This year the Red Deer Races are September 12th & 13th! I haven’t decided which race I will be doing yet, but I’d love to see you out there!

To enter to win, leave a comment and tell me about your favorite race you’ve participated in, or one that your looking forward to in the future. Winner will be selected Wednesday, May 13th. Giveaway valid for ANY Western Canada Spartan Race – Red Deer, Calgary, Northern Alberta or Vancouver!

This contest is now closed. Congrats to Lacey who won the entry!

Weekend Happenings

First off, thank you so much for your suggestions for the diaper rash! I’ve seemed to have cleared it up with lots of air time :)

You know what is super cool? Having your husband work in town. It’s been a LONG time since Matthias has had a job that didn’t take him away for a shift, so even though he’s taken a huge pay cut and we are having to be extremely strict with our budget, it is so so so nice to have him home every night.

It also means we actually take part in those things known as WEEKENDS. Such a foreign concept! But now that I am not working and he is working Monday-Friday we are familiarizing ourselves with the term.

This weekend wasn’t particularly exciting, but I will recap what we did anyways and maybe next weekend I will remember to snap some photos. ;)


Friday evening was Quinn’s bath night and after that she went to bed. I don’t think we did anything exciting. Matthias played video games and I finished up the new Harlan Coben Book in a bath of my own.


Kinda a chilly day in the morning. I took the dogs + Q to the Dog Park and Matthias did chores at home. We worked on getting Quinn to have consistent naps throughout the day in her crib. Basically that sums up the weekend – trying to get Quinn to nap for longer than 20 minutes at a time ;) haha


We ran some errands – Bank, Dog Park, Starbucks (Peach Green Tea Lemonade for me since I am still not drinking caffeine). The rest of the day was spent engaging in strategic planning during nap wars. We are making headway, but man is Q strong at getting out of the Baby Straight Jacket Swaddle Suit. We watched Sunday Night TV – Game of Thrones, but Mad Men didn’t record on the PVR so we are watching that later this week.We also moved her bassinet into her nursery so she can get used to the environment at night before moving her to the crib. This means that I obsessively stared at the monitor into the wee hours of the night and didn’t sleep very good. Quinn on the other hand slept from 8:30pm until 4am, so she couldn’t complain.

So that is it! Next weekend should be more fun. It is Matthias’ birthday on Friday and we are actually going to my dad’s house for supper & HBO TV on Sunday, a tradition I have been missing.

Also, did it freak anyone else out when their baby’s started sleeping super long stretches? I am worried she will get dehydrated and then I toss and turn and watch her move her lips like she is suckling in her sleep. I eventually go get her so she can eat. Then I get preoccupied with her Fontanelle and thinking its sunken in (which it isn’t) and her number of wet diapers in a day, even though this is all totally silly because Q eats every 2 hours during the day like clockwork and pees probably every 5 minutes. I am ridiculous.

Five Things This Friday

  1. The nap wars in our house continue, but I am being stealthy and implementing a nap routine for Quinn in hopes that she will get used to it and sleep more soundly in her own crib. I’m working hard at getting us on the E.A.S.Y schedule from the Baby Whisperer. Quinn is a total Spirited Baby. I tried to swaddle her as the book recommends when she was overtired and she screamed murder at me. I even bought one of those baby straight jackets and no go, it made her 10000x more mad than calm haha.
  2. That being said, she is currently napping in her room, and it is her second nap in there today! (Her first was only 20 minutes, and we are nearing the 20 minute mark now so I better type fast). She startled and cried and then fell back asleep within seconds and I wanted to do a little fist pump for her! *Proud Parent*
  3. I’ve cut out dairy and coffee from my life because I wanted to see if it would make Quinn less grumpy. But at the same time as that I’ve been more vigilant with her napping, so who knows if it is working or what is working? I really miss coffee. And cheese. I also don’t know if Quinn is actually less grumpy. She seems a bit less gassy? Maybe? I don’t know. *First Time Parent*
  4. Anyone see the new Divergent movie or any other new movies worth mentioning? Movies out are a thing of the past (for now) and I am missing it. It was something Matthias and I did at least every month. Oh well, it is good on the bank account I guess.
  5. Lets talk Diaper Rash (sorry, but I need your advice). Quinn had a rash about 2 weeks ago that lasted 7 days. When I googled it and saw rashes should clear within 3-5 days I had a mini panic attack and took a picture of it and sent it to my midwife. She said it was a yeast rash and so I bought Canesten Cream and put it on vigilintly at each diaper change. We also did no diaper time for at least an hour a day (what a headache trying to keep a grumpy baby calm for that long, it was also messy.). The rash cleared in 5 days and we stopped using Canesten at every change and now it is back! I’ve tried Desitin Extra Strength, Rawley’s Salve, Honest Company Diaper Rash Cream, Live Clean Baby Diaper Rash Cream, All Purpose Nipple Cream, No Cream, a Mix of Creams. So please tell me your diaper rash secrets!