Chocolate Chase 5k – 2015 {Race Recap!}

So of course the night before the Chocolate Chase Quinn decided it was a good idea to wake up at 3:30am and party in her room for 2 hours. I kid you not. She finally came in to our bed just as Matthias was getting up for work, and promptly passed out until 7am. Needless to say, I didn’t have the greatest sleep.

When I woke up at 7 and looked over at Quinn she had a big ol Pouty Lip going on. Poor girl. I think she is either teething pretty bad or coming down with a cold. SO THAT’S HOW OUR DAY STARTED.

We got up and I ate some Pre-Race Breakfast (Coffee, Toast with PB and Banana) and Quinn hung out in her exersaucer while I fed the dogs. She decided taking a pre-race nap was not an option so we left at 8:30 to make it to the start for 9am.

I found Lindsey and Avery and Quinn quietly (read: grumpily) checked each other out while the rest of the participants Jazzercized to warm up.

Once it was time to go I strapped Quinn in her stroller and said a little prayer because she hasn’t been the biggest fan of me running with her before.

IMG_4514 She cried for about the first 15 minutes of the race? And then sat quietly for another 5ish minutes before falling asleep. I tried to take advantage of this because I knew she wouldn’t be too happy to wake up and still be stuck in her carseat so I tried to run as fast as I could while pushing a 16lb baby and 30lb jogging stroller.

IMG_4513The race was an out and back course, similar to the course we ran 2 years ago. I finished in about 44 minutes, which isn’t too bad considering the Gaetz hill at the end which I totally walked up.

Quinn woke up pretty much right when we were done running, so I got our chocolate tickets and got in line to collect our goods.

I by-passed the Gelato line because it was huge and I knew Quinn was getting hungry. The things we do for our babies. Seriously.

I did however get my Bernard Callebaut Chocolates and a mini Cupcake from Babycakes. Then we hightailed it out of there before Quinn could go from hungry to hangry (which usually takes about 5.3 seconds haha).

IMG_4521I really hope this race will become a yearly thing. I considered not going because of how shitty of a sleep I had. But honestly, who am I trying to kid? I would run for chocolate even if I hadn’t slept a wink. 😉


Quinn – 5 Months!



15lb 11oz – 59th Percentile!


Not Measured.


Not Measured.


IMG_43803-6 months is getting tight. Some 6-12 month stuff (which is a ridiculous size IMO). Pekkle is my favorite brand of sleeper and she is in 9 month which is just crazy to me. HOW COME THERE IS SUCH A VARIATION IN SIZES AND FITS? There should be more consistency across the board haha.



Still going strong with every 2 hours. Sometimes longer, but rarely. We are so used to this now it would be so foreign if she just decided to change up her routine and go longer.


So far she has tasted a few foods but she’s still not really into them. Cucumber, Banana, Zucchini, Carrot, and Cantaloupe. Looking forward to trying more this month!  IMG_4469 Night Sleeping

We had a few weeks where Quinn slept from 10:30 – 6:30 for like 11/14 nights. It was GLORIOUS and I thought for sure it was her new pattern, but nope. She’s back to waking up once, anywhere from 4am-6:30am. She still gets her dream feed at 10pm. We are currently trying to move her bedtime from 5:30pm to 6:30/7pm in anticipation of Daylight Savings time.

Sleep through the night? Me?

Sleep through the night? Me?

Day Sleeping

Quinn naps 4 times a day and they range in length. Usually a minimum of 40 minutes, rarely longer than an hour, and even more rarely longer than an hour and a half. Sigh. They don’t have a set time yet, but I’m hoping by 6 months she will maybe be down to 3 naps and MAYBE they will consolidate and lengthen.

Sleep training is good. Quinn now rolls onto her tummy and starts sucking her thumb and falls asleep. We had a few rough weeks where naps were 25 minutes or less, but I tack that up as being the 4 month sleep regression. She still cries when we lay her down, but its usually less than 5 minutes. I think she is just the type of kid that will always protest sleep. She’s totally my kid. 😉 Becuase she naps so frequently (and for such short periods) it’s gotten harder to get out of the house with her to do multiple errands.. We usually can do 1 or 2 OR walk the dogs, not both, because she pretty much only sleeps in her crib now and it is a bit of a scream fest if she is overtired. *not fun*


No dog tramplings or diaper rashes to report this month! Thank goodness. 😉 Also, no teeth yet.


IMG_4423This last month Quinn learned to roll from her back to her front and she loves to practice it multiple times a day. However, she can’t yet roll from front to back. So she sometimes gets mad when she’s stuck.

She also found her feet and loves to reach for those, but she’s still pretty stiff and they are no where near reaching her mouth unless I help her haha.

She also started sucking her thumb! Wahoooo!


This picture sums up Quinn perfectly. She is so spunky and full of LIFE. I just can’t get enough of her.


We’ve had lots of fun in the playing aspect over the last month. Quinn’s absolute favorite thing is the Jolly Jumper. She grins soooo big and bounces away when we put her in there. She also loves it when I sing “Bouncing Queen” to her (to the tune of ABBA’s classic hit “Dancing Queen” 😉 Its quite the spectacle.

Quinn loves playing on her tummy and reaching out for things. Her favorite toys are her rattles and her links.

She loves it when we play Pat-A-Cake and when I move her hands along to I’m A Little Teapot and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

She enjoys me reading books so that she can slap the page and make me worry she is going to give herself a papercut.

She giggles when I make funny noises and when the dogs lick her hands.

She also LOVES the exersaucer and this last month is when she actually started reaching out and playing with the toys. Previously she would play with random toys I put on their but none of the actual attached toys. She likes to hit the buttons that light up and make music.


We’ve been practicing back carrying and we are getting better at it but Quinn still likes to straighten her legs like a boss, so we have to do quick carries with the short wrap instead of trickier carries with the long wrap because she ain’t got time for that.

IMG_4422I super love our Lenny Lamb and if your looking to get a Soft Structured Carrier I HIGHLY recommend it. I can’t speak highly enough of our LL. It’s a wrap conversion so it’s soft and floppy and all of the buckles adjust to make it fit just right. I like to cross the straps at the back and I’m looking forward to trying to carry her on my back with the Lenny.


  • Sucking her thumb!
  • Napping on her tummy
  • Jolly Jumper
  • When Momma sings “Bouncing Queen” to the tune of “Dancing Queen”. —> lmao.
  • Her dad!
  • When the dogs lick her hand
  • Shaking her rattle
  • Basically all her toys


  • Loud Noises
  • When the Dogs lick her Face
  • Napping for longer than 40ish minutes
  • Not being able to roll from tummy to back


On Changing Priorities and Motherhood

I am the type of person that’s always on the Go. Always looking to do more, add more to my plate. Learn all the things. Do all the things.

Prior to actually delivering my baby, I applied to become a Master of Nursing Student through Athabasca University. I’d taken a graduate level course and felt fairly confident in my abilities to manage a course load plus a baby (and life). I was career oriented. I wanted to make a name for myself in Nursing early on.




Then I became a mother. And my priorities 1000% shifted.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love my career. I look forward to going back to work casually and having a change of pace some days. But for right now, I need to acknowledge my limitations. Not only can I not AFFORD to go back to school (I’m looking at you unnecessary travel trailer purchase and student loans), but I just can’t fathom adding it to my list of priorities.

I’m already going to be doing the following things: teaching spin, possibly teaching a yoga class, being a full time mom and wife, managing a house, work on growing my Beachbody Coaching team, and on top of that, I have another year left of my term as Provincial Councillor where I sit on THREE different committees.

Something had to give. So I decided to withdraw from the Master of Nursing program. I’m really not upset about it. I couldn’t imagine my evenings turning into my school time, at least not for right now. The only thing that sucks is that the application process was a pain in the butt and I don’t look forward to doing that again in the future when I reapply.

I’m hopeful that one day we will live in either Edmonton or Calgary so that I can just go for a full 2 years and get the whole program over and done with. It’s just a matter of life timing, right now isn’t the right time, but one day I’ll get it.

So for now I’ll be happy with the blessings in my life instead of trying to do more.

Ahhh…. I already feel the weight lifting of my shoulders. (Literally and figuratively) 😉

I’m a Fire Breathing Dragon


So Matthias (lovingly) described me as a Fire Breathing Dragon the other day. It’s not ALL day that I’m like this, but it IS pretty much every morning between the hours of 5:30am and 7:30am. He also informed me that I wasn’t like this pre-baby.

My kid likes to wake up early. Like if she could, she’d be up for the day at 5am erryday. I’m not all about that. I don’t like sleeping in until 9am or anything like that, but I feel like 7:30am is a respectable time to get up. Quinn hasn’t gotten this memo yet.

So she gets up between 5 and 6:30 most mornings to feed and then I *try* to lay her back down for another snooze. Most of the time, to my dismay, it doesn’t work.

I also think part of the problem is Matthias getting up to go to work. Boyfriend is LOUD. And no matter how many times I get mad at him (cough, everymorning, cough) he doesn’t get it that he needs to be quieter.

So I lay in bed… awake… and stew. And then eventually Quinn gets up for real, and I grumble about my morning until I’ve drank a coffee, at which point I’m fine.

So I think I’m going to just start setting an alarm for 6am. If Quinn is up at 5:30, I’ll just get up then, and if she sleeps until 6:45, then I will still be up before then and maybe get my coffee or a short yoga practice in before she’s up for the day.

If she gets up to eat at 4am I’m sure I will be tired that day, but I’m hoping that habit won’t last forever. 😉

Thoughts on getting up early?