The way to my heart…

… is through vegetables.

It takes a special guy to know that…

So when he sent me a message saying “Can I send you a picture of the vegetables I harvested at the garden today, you won’t believe it“, of course I responded with “Sure lol“. He sent that picture while I was at work. My immediate response, aside from a giggle, a few happy tears, and an “Oh my god!” Was “Of Course.”

Only he could surprise me like that. Only he is worthy of the title “Fiance” and “Husband” for me. Only he can be my soulmate.

July 6th, 2013
Save the date.

22 thoughts on “The way to my heart…

  1. I actually filled up with tears reading your post. You are so sure of your love and it is absolutely refreshing and touching. I am so, so happy for you both (and your fur babies)!

  2. Congrats!!! I have been following your blog for a few weeks and have been anticipating your engagement post!!Everyone loves an amazing love story!Enjoy your lives together, you both deserve happiness :)

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