Exercise: Pregnancy Edition

Pregnancy is THE time to listen to your body. In the past, I haven’t been very good at this, and it had led to over exercising, amenorrhea, and injury. Pre-pregnancy, I felt as though I had found a place where my exercise was consistent, varied, and healthy.

As much as I wanted to yoga, crossfit, run, and spin up a storm during pregnancy, when I was sick, there was movement to and from work, and to and from the couch, and that was pretty much it. I think I managed to walk my poor dogs 4 times over the 7 week span I was feeling awful? Not good!

At week 13 when I started to feel better, I knew my fitness level had declined substantially and that I needed to respect that. Having a “fit pregnancy” to me, means listening to your changing body and finding ways to be active without over exerting yourself. Here is what I am doing at week 17 to stay fit:

  • Spin – I teach 2 classes a week. The classes have a range of beginners to folks who do Olympic distance triathlons, so I need to strike a balance between the two groups to make sure both are feeling challenged enough. The great thing about spin is that you can modify to your current fitness level! Don’t want to speed up your legs/add resistance/stand up? Cool :) Don’t! Maybe next class, or a few classes later you will feel ready to do these things. As the instructor, I have to set a pace for the class. But as a mom-to-be I need to know that I can’t push myself like I used to. Right now, I modify my sprints to be at 90-100 RPM’s instead of 110 because it is easier for me to maintain and talk into the microphone without huffing and puffing up a lung. I also reach my max hill sooner than I did before, but I still encourage others to add more tension.
  • Prenatal Yoga – I am enrolled in 1 class per week at my local studio. I am enjoying it so far, as I pretty much stopped all yoga during my nauseous period. My yogability is nowhere near where it was when I was at Yandara but it feels good to roll out my mat and warrior it out. :)
  • Walking – Finally back to walking my dogs! I try to walk them 3-4 times a week, and the distance ranges from 2-5km. Hoping to keep this up even when the weather turns cold.

So that is pretty much what I am doing now to stay active! I know that being active during pregnancy leads to better birthing outcomes, so it is definitely a priority for me, but I also know that my body is doing some pretty extraordinary things now and a little rest isn’t too shabby either 😉clif

Clif Bar sent me a really cool package of goodies as a part of my partnership with Temple Scott Associates. It included some Bars, a Hat, a Gel, a Lip Chap (which I LOVE), and some Chews. They also included a great training guide. I’ve already eaten the bars (duh), but I plan on saving the gel and the chews for when I am in labor. I’ve heard they are great for a glucose boost, and I am sure I won’t be wanting anything too substantial while I am contracting up a storm.

What activity did you do when you were pregnant? How did it change from pre-pregnancy?

What did you eat during labor?

Please talk to your doctor if you are pregnant and have questions about starting/or continuing an exercise regime.

4 thoughts on “Exercise: Pregnancy Edition

  1. I had my Clif bar taken away during labour lol. Needless to say I really wanted it and stole it back, shhh 😉
    Mine didn’t change overly except running stopped at 30 weeks and was replaced by running. I loved prenatal yoga!

  2. Were you still teaching spin in the early weeks?

    I don’t think I ate anything in labor. The last thing I remember eating that day was 2 bacon and eggers from A&W in the morning. When hard labor hit, the smell of food made me puke. :(

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