Thirty Week Thoughts

We are into the single digits people! Today I am 30 weeks and 1 day pregnant, which means I have roughly 9 weeks and 6 days left. I plan to start doing some things to get labor going at 38 weeks, so hopefully (fingers crooooosssed!) I don’t make it to the 40 week mark. If I could pick the day little lady would make her entrance it would have to be March 18th, because that’s my dad’s birthday, but that is 1 day off from my due date, so I am kind of hoping she comes a bit before then! No later than March 27th, because my doula will be in Hawaii, and I would be an absolute mess without her as her and Matthias are going to be the only ones in the room with me!

I threw my back out on Sunday really badly. My one cat was attacking my other cat and I got off the couch to throw her away and when I twisted to sit back down my entire low back had a huge spasm and I had to like roll off the couch really awkwardly to make the pain subside. Matthias was home and he was a bit panicked because I was writhing around in agony for about 10 minutes, and then I was REALLY stiff afterwards for about 3 days. Monday and Tuesday I got into the Chiropractor and I am so happy to report that it is feeling about 85% better now! No longer stiff unless I sit for an extended period.

This got me thinking about Labor Pain vs. Pain in General and my hopes for labor pain management. When my back was super sore for more than a day it felt so debilitating because I knew there was other things I needed to be doing in my down time (like the dishes and the laundry, and walking the dogs, and grocery shopping, ext…). Chronic pain is so challenging because life still needs to go on despite the pain. I’ve obviously never experienced labor pain before. I’ve only ever had “cramps” before my period a handful of times (maybe 6 max?) and back in my youth (haha) I would get some back pain prior to my period but nothing excessive. The only “real pain” I’ve had to manage is getting tattoos (my longest sitting was 3 hours, and man, that was ENOUGH, I was a sweaty, shaking mess), and Sciatica for roughly 4 months. I don’t know what a painful Braxton Hick Contraction feels like. I don’t know what a REAL Contraction feels like. I don’t know what Dilating to 10cm feels like. I don’t know what the Ring of fire feels like. But what I realized is, when labor starts, everything else in life will be put on the back burner. I won’t need to do the dishes or scrub the bathroom or feel like I need to do fun things with Matthias when he is home on his days off. I wont NEED to walk the dogs, but it might speed up labor so it might be a good thing to do haha. When Labor starts, all I will need to do is focus on being in and getting through labor. So that is what I will try my hardest to focus on when the time comes. Presence and Management.

Because I have a midwife (who is totes awesome), its not easy for me to say “Oh yeah, I want an epidural.” Having a midwife complicates that a bit. With a midwife, I won’t be assigned a hospital nurse unless I do get an epidural, and even then, my getting an epidural is based on their current staffing level (if everyone is busy and I can’t get a nurse, I wont be getting an epidural). In an ideal world, I wont need one or want one. I do have the “drug free mindset” going in to labor. I know the negative effects that the medications have, and I know the complications that can come from having an epidural. I’d like to avoid those if at all possible because most (if not all) of the medications they give to manage pain, if given not at precisely the right time, can significantly slow down labor and increase you risk of having a c-section. My primary method of pain management will be the birthing pool, and I am open to laughing gas, because if anything it’ll at least make you breath during the contractions.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the safety of the baby and myself, so if a c-section is necessary, then obviously that will be okay, but if at all possible I want to avoid all of that. That being said, I am not the type of woman that “needs” to have a vaginal delivery to make me feel like a true woman. I just really want my baby to come out safe and healthy :)

I am meeting with my doula soon to create a birth plan (woah!) and I have prentatal classes with Matthias next weekend :)

Things are progressing nicely! I still feel good, I’ve decreased my diclectin to once a day and with try to cut it out totally by 32 weeks, and I am still teaching spin once a week! I still don’t know how much weight I’ve gained, and I still don’t really care all that much.

I’ll probably talk more about my birth plan once its all created… but it wont be anything extravagant because I know the less expectations I have the happier I will be with the outcome of the birth!

4 thoughts on “Thirty Week Thoughts

  1. I didn’t know you had a midwife! Or maybe I forgot. Very lucky! I tried to get one the minute I found out I was pregnant (ok, maybe a day or two after the shock subsided) and was obviously unsuccessful. It makes me wonder if I still would have ended up in a c-section drugged out of oblivion if I’d had a midwife….

    Also, I had no experience with pain prior to labor either. I thought that because our bodies were designed to go through child birth, that I could handle it like a champ. I kind of feel put in my place and like it was about the worst thing in the world. I totally would have gone for the drugs if I had the option….I guess I know now that I’m a wuss. Haha.

    • I don’t think your a wuss! I just think we all have very different pain tolerances. I really have no idea how I am going to handle it all. Although I don’t want any medications, chances are likely that I will be crying and begging for them, and hopefully my doula will be able to calm me down and give me some other natural remedies to get through it all for as long as possible! We shall see though. Planning for anything is surely going to just make the opposite happen haha

  2. Besides your midwife being out of town on certain dates, why do you want to start trying to get your labour going at 38 weeks? Are you super uncomfortable already? I only say this as a pregnant lady who is currently 39 weeks and has done nothing to get labour going. I will admit I’ve had an easy pregnancy and am feeling good for the most part (getting tired and lots of pelvic pain now). I just think that you could try those things, but the baby has a mind of their own and will come when they are ready :) My birth plan is super simple- give me pain medication and I am okay with anything that allows baby girl to arrive safe and sound :)

    • My midwife is around, but my doula isn’t so that is the main reason why I’d like to get it going a little earlier. I’m not uncomfortable at all actually, which is a blessing, but I would rather try to start labor early than end up with an induction. I also don’t know when Matthias is going to take off work yet. He works away and it would take him 8+ hours to get home, and that is if he is extremely lucky with arranging a flight and picking up his truck. So if he takes off time before my due date and I dont have the baby until 2 weeks after my due date he will have to go back to work (aka out of town) pretty much immediately. I don’t have a lot of other hands on support, so I’d like to have him around with the baby for as long as possible. I’m not going to go to any crazy measures to get it going like castor oil haha, I am just going to exercise/exert myself, hand express/pump and save some breast milk, and drink lots of raspberry tea starting at 36 weeks. :)

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