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NurseryTourI am very excited to show you how we decorated our little lady’s room. I have been working on the Nursery for a year now! I started working on it last February, when I sporadically asked Matthias if we could paint our spare room. He was such a good sport. He helped me by taping everything after a night shift when I was asleep and then when I woke up we painted it together.

On his next days off, I got him to help me move the spare bed down stairs so it was just an empty room. From there, we started gathering furniture bit by bit.. and by the time I found out I was pregnant in July I already had a crib, a dresser/change table, a mobile, and some of the decorations hanging up. Haha. I was a keener. πŸ˜‰

The theme of our nursery is Vintage Carnival. I picked the color scheme of Mint Green/Grey. I tried to make it as neutral as possible at first, because obvi I wasn’t even pregnant yet, but it ended up working out beautifully, if I do say so myself, and I can’t wait to bring our little girl home to her special space.

cribmobile entrywall growthchart readingcorner namechangetable1Her name has been strategically blocked out from the center πŸ˜‰ My favorite part of the room is the wall in the picture above. I got the arrow lights from Target, and they light up when you press a button on them and automatically turn off after an hour! I purchased pictures of vintage carnivals and signs off of Etsy and made the circles with fabric purchased from Fabric Land. There is a picture of Matthias and I on our wedding day in the top left corner. On the change table is a vintage camera piggy bank I found at Michaels, and the change pad cover and crib sheet are matching and purchased off Etsy.

The book shelves were purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. There is a fancy light hanging in the room that has an old school bulb in a cage type thing. I found the foot stool at Canadian Tire of all places!

It is hands down my favorite room in the house. It is really hard to keep the cats out of it because we keep the door closed all the time and they like to lay in the crib when we open the door. Any tips on how to stop that?

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