Sunday Six {1}

sundaysix“Weekends” aren’t really a thing for me. Working shift work, I had “Days Off” and often they would fall during the week vs. the weekend. And my husband also works shifts, so he works through certain weekends and is home for others. I always love reading people’s Weekend Recap posts, but I feel like mine would be boring in comparison because we don’t do anything special over the weekend that we aren’t likely to do during the week too!

I like lists. I also like regularly posting to the blog. So why not combine the two and create an easy weekend feature? Sunday Six will be a weekly list of something I find interesting that I’d like to share, or something that is on my mind.

Six Things I’m Looking Forward to Postpartum

  1. Meeting the Baby – Obviously. I can’t wait to finally hold her in my arms and see her and smell her and listen to her little hiccups and just take her all in. Someone please send me labor vibes.
  2. No More Heartburn – I’ve never been one to experience heartburn before pregnancy and it has been no fun! Tums have definitely become my friend and I find myself being much more mindful about what I am eating and when I am eating it in relation to bedtime.
  3. Exercising, Running, & Getting Back into Shape – I have been fairly consistent with my exercise this pregnancy, but I also haven’t been as well rounded with training as I was previously. My exercise has consisted of walking and spin classes, which is good, don’t get me wrong, but I thrive on changing it up. I’ve missed taking other exercise classes and working out at home because I know you aren’t supposed to start any new programs while pregnant. Therefore I’ve kept it simple and what I know. I am SO ready to go for a nice outdoor run in the temps we have been having and I am also very excited to start Les Mills Pump, a program I ordered a while back.
  4. Having my Bladder back to Full Capacity – I am really looking forward to this. You don’t realize how much your bladder really does for you until you are peeing hourly and waking up multiple times a night to go.
  5. Breastfeeding – I know that it is a tough thing to get at first and that it can be a painful process for it all to “get worn in” so to speak, but I am very excited to breastfeed. Helping new moms and babies breastfeed is one of my favorite parts of working in postpartum, so I hope I will have a positive experience with it.
  6. Seeing Matthias with the Baby – This probably should be up in the #2 spot, but I am so excited to see Matthias with her. This has been one of the top things I have thought about this pregnancy.

What was something you looked forward to post-pregnancy?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Six {1}

  1. I am looking forward to meeting my newest little. I wonder what she will look like and act like? And I can’t wait for snuggles and warmth that comes with little babies laying in your arms or on your chest. I can’t wait to squish her face and out her in the sling. I can’t wait for so many parts.
    I CAN NOT wait for a glass of wine… Or 5, lol.

    • Baby wearing!! Definitely something I am looking forward to! I bought a ridiculously expensive wrap and I have to put it to good use to get my moneys worth out of it haha. I am also counting down the days until wine! And Beer!

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