Quinn – 1 Month

Quinn1MonthThis was the best I could do for getting a photo of her that wasn’t of her crying or flopping over. Haha!

How is it possible that I already have a 1 month old child? Where has the last month even gone?! It is so hard to believe she’s already been here for as long as she has, and at the same time it feels like she’s always been around and always been what we needed and wanted.



Quinn weighed 7lb 7oz when she was born and at her 4 week midwife appointment she was up to 9lb 9oz. She is becoming a little chunk and just like her mom and dad she loves to eat. :)


Didn’t measure at her 4 week appointment, but we will at her 6 week appointment.


Didn’t measure at her 4 week appointment, but we will at her 6 week appointment.


Newborn is too small (tear), so she is in 0-3 and 3 month clothing. Littler girl clothing is adorable and she definitely dresses better than me. 😉

Cloth Diapers

Haven’t transitioned her to these yet even though she is big enough. We are going to start slowly and she wore 2 the other day, but they are like half her body size and make her look totally ridiculous lol. Because they are so big and bulky they also don’t look super comfy on her and she was pretty irritable when she was wearing them (but she is pretty irritable all the time, so I can’t correlate the 2). Any tips on how to make this transition easier? How old and how big where your babes when they went to cloth?


Falling Over



Quinn eats every 2 hours during the day and she goes every 3-5 hours at night. She has a fussy time between 4pm-7pm where she usually eats hourly. She gets pretty gassy which in turn makes her cry, but we are figuring out ways to help her with that. Any tips or suggestions would be WONDERFUL. I have a really fast/strong let down on the one side so if we feed sitting up on that side she chokes. And then I spray milk everywhere. And then she screams. And then she cries. It is kind of funny, but kind of not haha. So we usually feed in side lying position for that side. I also find she takes in less air if we feed in that position.

Night Sleeping

Quinn’s bedtime is anywhere between 7:30-9pm, we are working on making it as consistent as possible for her. She usually wakes up a few times and needs some help being soothed back to sleep but shes “out” by 10pm. Then she is up anywhere between 12:30-3am (depending on when she last fed) and again from 4:30-6am (again depending on her feeding). I can’t complain about her sleep to be honest. I can’t remember the last time I got a full night of sleep (hello peeing every 3 hours in pregnancy), but I feel pretty adjusted to what we have going on, and I honestly don’t need more than 5-6 hours a night to function during the day. We use a White Noise app to help her sleep but we also have the Sleep Sheep for when she transitions into her crib. She sleeps in a bassinet next to me and I am not looking forward to moving her to the crib, but I feel like she will outgrow the bassinet soon :(

Day Sleeping

This is whereA rare nap captured in a picture to make sure it actually happened. we struggle the most. Quinn, like her mama, is a BAD napper so far. Some days she sleeps all day with only waking up to eat, but that is few and far between and most days are a struggle to get her to sleep. Her morning nap usually starts between 9 and 10, but it varies in length and some days she skips it all together. That makes for a crabby girl. She sleeps pretty good in her car seat and swing, but everywhere else she is restless. Especially when you try to cuddle her in her sleep. She smells me and thinks “food” and usually wakes up. That has been one of the hardest parts of it all because some days I just want to cuddle her to soothe her but it works her up even more.


Quinn likes to scream during bath time, so we tried bathing together in the big tub and it was a success! She was happy as a clam and seemed to sleep good that night. She didn’t poop in the tub, but now that I’ve typed that, tonight she probably will.


I feel like Quinn seems to be either: sleeping, crying, or on the verge of crying. I don’t say that to be negative, I say that because it seems to be reality. She cries more than I had thought she would. And it was hard to get used to a first, but I am finally okay with it. We do tummy time a few times a day, and no diaper time to help air her out because she had a pretty wicked rash last week.


Quinn gets a stuffy nose once in a while, but I can usually see the boogers and fish them out with a Q-tip. Poor girl. I will have to totally get rid of these posts before she becomes a teenager or she will hate me haha.

Other than our initial hiccup and stay in the NICU she is a healthy baby :)

  • On her “One Month Birthday” she smiled for the first time! She has smiled at me a few times since and they only last about a second, but they are soooo cute.
  • She has had a few growth spurts and is pretty close to her “Wonder Week” development schedule.
  • She definitely looks at things more closely now, which is fun.

How all the Other Pictures looked. Not a happy lady.


  • We have a tummy time mat that she plays on. Yesterday she was kicking and punching (but happily, not grumpily) and she was batting at the monkey on it. I think we will start to see more playful development this month.
  • She has a few high contrast books she likes to look at. Her eyes get all wide and focused. She likes the white, blue and black pages the best.
  • She also likes to stare at our ceiling fan in the kitchen, it’s her favorite thing in the house.
  • Quinn makes the FUNNIEST faces. I wish I could capture them all on camera.
  • She is a little fake crier/screamer sometimes which is pretty cute even though it is loud haha.
  • Her double chin and cheeks are the cutest things in the world.


I love wearing her when we are out and about. It makes it much easier to have 2 hands and its less heavy than lugging a car seat around. I love googling all the different carry’s you can do and I can’t wait until Quinn is a little less grumpy (all the time) so I can try them out. So far I have the Front Wrap Cross Carry mastered and I feel comfortable with the Front Cross Carry but Quinn doesn’t like it as much.

I also bought a Maya Ring Sling, and I like it, but it is a bit harder to position her in it correctly right now. We are working at it. I think I will really like it when she is a bit bigger and can go on my hip vs. tummy to tummy all the time.


  • Diaper Changes
  • The Ceiling Fan in the Kitchen
  • Walking at the Dog Park and looking out at nature
  • Car Rides
  • Classical Music and the White Noise App
  • Breastfeeding
  • Her Wubanub


  • Getting Dressed
  • When she is Not Breastfeeding
  • Being Gassy
  • Anything that would help her be less gassy (Ovol & Gripe Water)
  • Napping

11 thoughts on “Quinn – 1 Month

  1. I want to write a novel, but won’t lol. I would wait for the cloth, I started A around 3-4 months. I bet Quinn will be ready before though! Try every couple weeks :)

    I am so happy she is a good night sleeper! Honestly, naps will come along with routine and age. I found consistency and not giving up to be key in establishing a good nap routine. I remember days where I would spend 45 mins trying to get A to nap for 20 mins!! Gah. But it was eventually worth it when she would nap like a champ! At this age A napped a lot in the car too!

    I wish I had tips for gassi-ness but don’t :( We used gripe water quite a bit though, Avery would scream in those witching hours too around this age, it was hard but it gets better, I promise!

    You are doing great, just be a confident Mommy and know for every hard moment there are 1000 awesome ones!

    • Thanks Lindsey :) I appreciate you being there for me to ask my cloth diaper questions to! I’m re reading the baby whisperer right now and making Matthias read it so we can be on the same page with the outline of how I’m going to schedule our days. I hope it will help!

    • Yes! The next two weeks are pretty busy for me with nurses week events (why did I plan a bunch of events with a newborn? Ugh.) but the week of may 18-22 I’m wiiiiide open haha

  2. Both my older kids where gassy fussy newborns
    Biogaja helped
    And infacol helped to
    Also burping a lot during the day
    And letting them sleep on a incline
    As did the happiest baby on the block techniek
    Looks like baby number 3 is the same
    He is 5 days old and so gassy already
    They also had reflux and cow and soy intolerance
    I know its hard when they are just not happy
    But it will get better with time

  3. Wes CHUGS at almost every feeding, so we get a few intense bouts of hiccups every day. I’m starting to learn gassy cues though and help him ride through them- plus it saves me an extra fish diapers a day!!

  4. I want a write a novel too, haha! I’ll try not to 😉

    Oh that first month – this post brings back SO many memories. I felt like Sully was crying or fussy anytime he wasn’t sleeping too. And he was a terrible napper, and most days, still is! But, I also wasn’t very consistent and he was just one of those babies that wanted to be held all the time, so we obliged him :) Do you have Ovol for the gas? We used gripe water, but I find Ovol worked really well.

    I found bath time a bit stressful at the beginning – Sully was so tiny and slippery and he cried during it. Then I bought a wash pod and it changed our life! It was a little pricey (around $40), but we used it up until about 6-7 months of age so it was worth every penny and made bath time so much fun. It mimics the womb in a sense because the baby goes into it in a upright fetal position and is submerged in water almost up to their chest. So it’s very calming for them. I have a few pictures of Sully in his way back in my instagram if you’re interested :)

    Anyway, you are doing awesome! Everyday gets a little easier, I promise :)

    • Thanks Brie :) I do have both ovol and gripe water. I find it’s easier to get a half ml of ovol into her vs the 5ml she could have of gripe water. She’s good at being a chipmunk and pocketing it in her cheeks and spitting it all out at once haha. I’m definitely going to look the wash pod up. I’ve bathed with her the last 2 times and it’s been mildly successful – instead of screaming the entire time she tolerates it :) I’m comforted to hear that my little one isn’t the only one who is super grumpy at this age. Makes me feel better to know it’ll get easier!

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