Quinn – 2 Months



Up to 11lb 4oz, 56th percentile.


59cm (up from 52), 54th percentile.


I can’t remember.. but the doctor said she was in the 90th percentile for head. She’s got a good sized noggin!


3 month!

Cloth Diapers

LOVE cloth diapering! We started at week 6 and I am so happy with it! We have mostly Kawaii, which I like, but I also have a few AMP AIO’s and now I want to get more! I am also going to start using cloth wipes (which I am making myself). Since starting cloth diapers we were able to cut our no diaper time down to 15 minutes a day (from 1 hour!) and we have had no rashes! We are still doing disposable at night.



Still eating every 2 hours during the day. She gets a dream feed at 10pm (breast, she sucks at taking a bottle). Then she sleeps until anywhere from 4-6:45am

Night Sleeping

Quinn is now in her own room and in her crib! I didn’t feel ready to not have her in our room but after I was glad we made the transition because I sleep a lot better now. She was getting so noisy in her sleep and moving around in the bassinet so it was hard for me to fully fall asleep/stay asleep. She goes to bed between 6:45-7:30 and is “out” by 8:30/9 for sure, but most nights she is out by 8pm. She didn’t have a problem transitioning to the crib which I was SO thankful for. She eats at 10pm and then anywhere from 4-6:45, and if its closer to 6:45 she is up for the day but if its closer to 4, she will (normally) go back to sleep until closer to 7.

Day Sleeping

Still our biggest struggle. Morning nap is hit or miss, usually between 8:30-9am and if its a good nap it will be for an hour and if its not a good nap it’ll last 20 minutes. She usually has a cat nap between then and her afternoon nap, which starts between 12 and 2… 12 on good days and 2 on bad days haha. The length of the afternoon nap varies from 45 minutes to 2 and a half hours. The one day she did 2 and a half hours was her happiest day yet! She usually boycotts my attempts at a third nap between 4-5:30. So that time is usually spent walking or dancing around with her in the wrap or ring sling.


Every second night Quinn either has a bath in the tub with me a or a shower with Matthias. She loves both! And those are the nights she sleeps later than 4am haha.


Quinn is almost crying 85% of the time. I wrote in my last update I was finally okay with it, and now I am not. I mean, there is nothing I can do about it but try to soothe her and keep her content, but its not easy and its not fun. 50+ days in a row of it is not okay. Haha :)

We are up to 40 minutes of tummy time a day. Her longest settled stretch of tummy time was 13 minutes! I think it was a fluke though. She usually only lasts 5 minutes at a time. Apparently by 3 months they should be doing 90 minutes, so FML we have a long way to go.


Okay so to add to my mother guilt: Quinn has a flat spot on her head. It’s not too bad, but its still bad enough that she needs to see a physiotherapist for it to make sure it doesn’t get worse. Girlfriend will ONLY sleep with her head turned to the left. I’ve taken her to the chiropractor. She has good ROM and can turn her head fully both ways, but she won’t sleep with her head turned to the right. So now she isn’t “allowed” to go in the swing or do a lot of time on her back on the play mat and her naps are all (supervised) with her propped up on her right to take pressure off her left side of her head. She is also carried in either the wrap or the ring sling at the dog park and in stores. No more stroller time for her until her heads a bit more rounded out. I do NOT want her to have to wear the baby helmet. Since I’ve taken a really aggresive stance on it I *think* its gotten a bit better over the last week? To be honest I’m amazed it only took 50 days to get to the point where it was.

Otherwise Quinn’s health is good :) Thankfully.


    • She smiles! Big gummy smiles. They aren’t often, but they are sure cute!
    • She follows things really good with her eyes and turns her head towards sounds.
    • She LOVES batting toys on the play mat. It’s amazing to see how much more fluid her movements are now when she is playing.


  • Loves batting her toys on the playmat.
  • Also still enjoying her high contrast books.
  • Her favorite toys are a Panda Bear and a Tucan.
  • We brought up her exersaucer. She doesn’t mind it for a few minutes at a time but she has to be supported with blankets and stand on a book because she is still too tiny haha.



Thank goodness for baby wearing. We LOVE our Uppymama wrap and use it often. I have a size 6, which is good for a lot of carries that you need a longer wrap for. We have mastered the Front Wrap Cross Carry and the Front Cross Carry in our Uppy. I tried to do a Ruck (where she is on your back) with Matthias spotting me. Hahah.. I got Quinn onto my back and started to try and figure out how to position the wrap (I’ve watched lots of YouTube and practiced with the bear) and Quinn had a meltdown so we had to abort. Maybe we will try again this weekend 😉 We are borrowing a Didymos size 4 wrap from our Doula and I LOVE the length. My favorite carries are the Poppins Hip Carry and Short Front Cross Carry. There was another added bonus to being a Prairie Midwives Client – the creator of UppyMama was one of the midwives first clients so she created a special wrap that any Prairie Midwife Client can get. It is called “Prairie Midwife” and they have a bunch of different color of wefts that you can get. SO COOL. I am getting a Size 4, and I am SUPER excited!! I also have a Maya Ring Sling which gets used daily. Once I got the hang of it and figured out how to make a nice deep seat for Quinn (she’s a leg straightener) it’s my go-to when we go into stores because it is fast and easy and has a pocket. Not going to lie though.. I have started entering my name into the weekly Uppymama draws to hopefully one day get an Uppy RS. I think everyone should own a woven. They are so handy and breathable and I know we will continue to use them for future kiddos as well as during Quinn’s growth.


  • No Diaper Time
  • Soothie Soothers/Wubanubs
  • Breastfeeding
  • Baths
  • White Noise


  • Not Being Held
  • Being in her Carseat for too long
  • Tummy Time
  • Headbands
  • Getting Dressed


12 thoughts on “Quinn – 2 Months

  1. Love the pics! She is getting so big already :) You guys are doing a great job with sleep too, and the crib transition – awesome! Avery always fought that last nap too, I would sometimes for for a drive or walk if she got really cranky to get her to power nap!
    I am so happy you like cloth and the rashes are gone! Yipee :)
    If you ever need anything text me! For real :) Avery is baby obsessed so we would love to help out in any way :)

  2. She’s getting so big! And so cute :) Naps were a struggle for us as well for a while, but I finally figured out that if I start the process before she shows a lot of tired signs (I keep an eye on her awake time) then it’s much easier to put her down

    • I watch for the tired signs but she goes from happy and awake to overtired in approximately 5 seconds haha. So I’ve started just timing it – shes up for an hour and a half max and then we start trying to get her down for a nap. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt

  3. Such a cutie. One day you will forget all the crying – hopefully.

    Don’t feel so guilty. Stuff happens and parenting is hard and sometimes there’s just no other way to go about things. It’s not worth the emotional stress beating yourself up about the things that aren’t going as hoped.

    Also, I still have some diapers and fleece liners available. If you’re interested in them, they are all yours.

    • Your right – I am sure there will be lots more times that will weigh more heavily on me than not being with her in the hospital 24/7. I guess I just feel so bad because it seems like a lot of the time she doesn’t really like cuddling and I wish I could have cuddled her more then because maybe she would like it more now? But thats a big fat what-if haha. It’s funny because I am not a big cuddler. Never have been. And now I want ALL THE CUDDLES from Quinn and shes stingy with them! :)

  4. I need to start putting Wes in his crib instead of the mamaroo when he falls asleep at night- it might help start his longer stretches of sleep. instead, i torture myself and stay up as late as possible so I can feed him, put him in his crib then get to bed for a few hours! Also…thanks for the reminder— I need to do tummy time more. Happy (belated) 2 months Quinn!

  5. Sounds like you are doing so awesome!! I am so sorry she cries so much, that must be draining. I hope it settles soon but before long you will forget all the newborn hard times!! I need baby wear more with this second. I need to get a new wrap or something. Which do you recommend best? She is beautiful!

    • Woven wraps are definitely worth the cost over Stretchy wraps like the Moby because they last from newborn – toddler size. I really like Didymos for a starter wrap because they have so many styles and colors and they aren’t super expensive like Uppymama and some of the other high end brands. http://birdiesroom.com/ has lots of info on Didy’s and they are a Canadian online store! Your base size would likely be a 5. And your shorty size would likely be a 3. I’m a 6 for base and a 4 for shorty and you have a smaller frame than me :) I also love Ring Slings for their ease and portability for small outings like going into the store when you don’t want to carry a giant bucket seat!

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