Quinn – 3 Months



13lb even! 57th Percentile :)


Not Measured




3-6 months with a few 6 month stuff thrown in.



Quinn still likes to eat every 2 hours, with one 3-4 hour stretch during her afternoon nap (eats, is awake for an hour, and then naps for 2-3 hours). Part of me wishes she went longer in between feeds but at the same time I am just so grateful breastfeeding is going good that I am apprehensive when anything changes because I don’t want to mess up my supply. We are at the HALF WAY point until she can start solids. WHAT?! So I only have 3 more months of q2h feeds before it’ll change. She is doing this thing now where she gets frustrated and thrashes around when she is full and she still wants to suck for comfort but when milk keeps coming out

Won’t take a bottle. Still. Any advice? We’ve tried 4 different kinds! She chokes and sputters and swallows a gallon of air and then sad cries.

Night Sleeping

Gah. I feel like we regressed a little bit on this front. Bedtime is still anywhere from 6:40-7:30pm depending on her mood and what we are doing that day (bath day or not). Our routine is pretty consistent although this month I’d like to add reading a story to her before bed. She falls asleep pretty easily with the soother and we only have to go in maybe once or twice to put it back in if she spits it out before she is in the semi-dream state. Most nights we don’t have to go in at all.

It’s the over night that took a bit of a nose dive. For a week or so she must have been going through a growth spurt and was getting up every 2 hours to eat. Rough! Ever since then she gets up from 3-5 and then is up for the day at 6. I’m missing my extra hour of sleep and her getting up so early throws off her naps.

Day Sleeping

SHE NAPS! SHE ACTUALLY NAPS. It’s amazing. And it isn’t an hour long process to get her to sleep! She has a morning nap about an hour after she wakes up (usually around 8-8:30) for an hour, a cat nap when we walk the dogs at about 11, and then her afternoon nap starts 12:30-1 and she naps for anywhere from 2-3 hours! Sometimes I have to go in and help her fall back asleep by giving her the soother but for the most part its a pretty consistent pattern she follows! From there I try to keep her up since her bedtime is early and I find she goes to bed better at night if she has been up for a lengthier period in the afternoon. She even naps in her crib. It. Is. Glorious.


Well folks, she pooped in the tub. On three separate occasions. Lol. It was bound to happen at some point. Because I bath with her I just handed her to Matthias, drained the tub and showered us both off haha.

We went swimming twice this month. Quinn is a little water baby and is totally calm in the pool.


She is a much happier kiddo now when she is awake and she lets you know when she is tired, whereas before she would just be almost crying all the time now she only cries when she is ready for sleep. She is a chatter box. She babbles and blows bubbles/spits drool all day. It’s pretty funny some of the sound she can make. Her favorite thing to say is “Boob”. Her first word possibly? Although I’m not convinced she knows what it means. 😉

Quinn totally looks like Matthias. But she acts like me 100%. She is a SERIOUS baby. She likes to give big gummy smiles but I have to work for them and her giggles are extra special. I’m still working on my comedy act to find out what her sense of humor is like. :)


Her head was assessed by a physiotherapist and she doesn’t have torticollis, just positional plagiocephaly, which is good because her neck muscles are even. The physio basically said continue doing what we are doing and she doesn’t need follow up – it’ll round out on its own. I’ve noticed a difference in its shape already with the increase tummy time and being able to play in the Jumper and Exersaucer.


Lots of smiles, a few giggles, and no rolling (yet!). Much better head control and the ability to push up on her arms to look around. Her eyes track objects/people and she responds to sounds by turning her head to them. She holds toys if I put them close to her hand. Her hands aren’t always balled into little fists any more – they feel around and grasp at things (like my hair, my boobs (shes a pincher!) and daddy’s beard). She loves to kick and swing her arms around like a mad woman. She’s also the stiffest baby on the planet and has rock hard abs from constantly planking haha. My little power lifter. 😉


This month was a huge leap in her ability to play and interact. She goes in the exersaucer and is now reaching out to the toys and likes to listen to music in there. She goes in the Jolly Jumper (super head control) and watches the pets and kind of beebops in a circle, no real bounces yet but they are coming! She tolerates tummy time WAY better now. I find that she does well propped up on a little pillow (before she used to just fall forward because her head was so heavy but now its better with her head control) and then if she fusses she will suck on a soother and continue to do tummy time for another 10ish minutes. She probably does about 20 minutes 3 times a day!

"This is the coolest thing since sliced bread!" 🍞

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I started reading to her this month and she is totally in to it. She holds my thumbs when I hold the book in front of her when she is sitting on my lap. Heart explosion. Haha


So lots has happened in the baby wearing category over the last month. I traded my pink Uppymama for a Mountain Girl Handwoven in the same size (6). Its a wool wrap instead of 100% cotton so its a bit more supportive and cool in the summer/warm in the winter. Its grey and red so more gender neutral too for when Matthias wears her! I bought a Celestial Uppymama and it is currently getting hemmed to being a Size 3. The Prairie Midwives Uppy (size 4) is on the loom and almost ready to come off and go get hemmed/finished, so maybe I will have it by the end of July?! And I also bought a Size 5 Cloth of Kin wrap. WOAH. So I have Size 3-6. It’s quite the little addiction haha.


Quinn is almost ready to be held in hip carriers, so I’ve started practicing some of those. I’ve also gotten her on my back a few times. She is an epic leg straightener so its still hard to make a good deep seat with her because shes still small and I don’t have great shoulder flexiblity. So those are a work in progress still. I also think once shes able to grab things and focus on whats in her hands it will be easier to get her wrapped on my back because then she will be distracted. Hopefully at least.

Cloth Of Kin – Doula Love


  • Jolly Jumper
  • Exersaucer
  • The Pets
  • Her Soother
  • Being Worn
  • Baths
  • Books/Being Read to
  • Her Dad :)


  • Her Car Seat
  • Wind
  • Not being paid attention to
  • Bottles


6 thoughts on “Quinn – 3 Months

  1. NAPS!!! Woot woot :) They make such a difference for everyone and worth all that work. I know you worked hard on this and am proud of you :)
    We need to see you girls soon, Avery will be obsessed with her :)

  2. I’m so happy I finally got to meet this little lady yesterday. She’s a cutie. I love her stiffness haha. I’m so glad the naps and crying have gotten better. <333

  3. I hope the bottles I mentioned help! They were a life saver for us (and by us I mean me, haha). Haha we’ve had one tub poop too…just wait until she stops pooping for a couple of days and then poops again…it’s straight to the bath then!

  4. Yay for naps! I’m sure you feel wonderful when that happens!! I have the ergo baby, and Wes does pretty well in it, but he’s such a hot potato that I don’t like to have him in it for too long!

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