Quinn – 4 Months




14lb 8oz – 57th Percentile


62cm – 47th Percentile


41cm – 62nd Percentile


3-6 months and 6 months. Especially with the cloth diaps haha 😉




Mom, why are you taking MORE pictures of me instead of feeding me?

Typically it is still every 2-2.5 hours but sometimes she extends it to 3.

Night Sleeping

Every couple of weeks she has a week where she goes through a growth spurt and then is up multiple times through the night but most nights she is either up just once or she sleeps straight through from 10-6/6:30. Just over the last week she slept through the night 4 times! Woot. And! I actually slept through the night once too. I haven’t done that since I was 28 weeks pregnant and on our babymoon in Mexico haha.

Day Sleeping

We definitely regressed in this area a bit over the last month. Quinn learned how to bust out of her straight jacket and e.v.e.r.y time she was put down for a nap this became her mission. So we got rid of that and then she decided that every time I’d leave the room she’d spit out the soother and cry. But if I stayed in the room with her she’d happily suck away until she fell asleep. Seriously. I’m not making this up. She was very consistent with her crying right when I left.

So we decided to sleep train. We are on day 7 now and it’s definitely getting easier. We decided to do the leave and check Sleep Sense method, with increasing time intervals that I’d stay out of the room. She usually falls asleep within 10 minutes (I’d say 6 minutes is her current average) of being put down, and most naps are around 45-50 minutes, but sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. It definitely helps if I don’t wait for her to show ANY tired signals and just put her down an hour and 15 minutes after she woke up from her last sleep. It’s generally more crying if she is over tired. She doesn’t sleep longer than 1 sleep cycle and she doesn’t put herself back to sleep after she wakes from a nap, so I just go in and get her rather than letting her cry for any length of time. I know she knows how to put herself back to sleep because she does it at night time, she just hasn’t figured out how to do it yet during the day.

Bedtimes are still pretty easy, if she cry’s for longer than 15 minutes I know she needs something else (more milk, a diaper change, a cuddle, ext…) and after that need is met she goes to sleep within 10 minutes and minimal crying.

I know sleep training is a controversial subject. Quinn’s demeanor hasn’t changed at all, in fact, I think she might be even happier now because shes getting a solid night sleep and 4-5 hours of day sleep as well. She always has huge smiles for me when I go into her room in the morning and after naps. I’m a firm believer that the love I express to her the entire day outweighs 10ish minutes of being mad that I’ve left her to fall asleep on her own. And I also believe there is a huge difference between making a baby cry and letting a baby cry. Sleep training definitely isn’t for everyone, and I’d never push it on anyone, but for us, its the right choice. :)


She got her ears pierced! It was a really good experience. She didn’t even cry!

Her head is slowly starting to round out a bit which is good.

Tucker jumped on her a few weeks ago. It happened out of the blue. I had just gotten out of bed and she was laying next to me after eating. Tucker was on the other side of her closer to the door than I was (Matthias’ side normally, but he was at work). I put on my clothes and said “Okay lets go outside” and instead of jumping off the bed the way he normally does (towards the door) he jumped on/over Quinn excitedly. It was terrifying. She was so so so upset and she had some scratches on her face from his paw. He is not a light dog (90lb). And besides the scratches on her face I wasn’t sure where else he landed (no other obvious marks). She settled as soon as I picked her up and soothed her. We took her to the hospital and she got a clear bill of health but holy shit I am extra paranoid about the dogs now. I know Tucker didn’t do it on purpose (he loves her SO much), but it just made me realize how much more attention I have to pay to little things like that because the dogs really don’t know what they are doing all the time. Lesson learned.


mommaandquinnLots of giggles and new sounds every day.

She’s working hard on sitting unassisted but I think it’ll be another month or so before she’s strong enough for that.

Still not rolling over. She’s close though! I think she will roll back to front first.

We bought a convertible car seat and she likes it a lot more than the bucket seat. I found the bucket seat to be a huge PITA and I was taking her out 9 times out of 10 and putting her in the ring sling to go into stores.

Everything she grasps goes straight to her mouth. And she is the drool queen. :) Gave her a baby carrot to teeth on today and she made the funniest face at first like WTF is this!? But then she happily gummed away on it.

Not showing any real interest in food yet, she watches us eat but doesn’t open her mouth and I’m certain the only reason the carrot went to her mouth was because she thought she could use it for teething. We are waiting until 6 months to start solids, unless a strong interest is shown earlier. We are planning on doing exclusive baby led weaning with no purees or cereal. :)


She’s doing SO MUCH BETTER with tummy time. She lasts about 10minutes a time without the soother (longer if she has it in!). And we practice rolling back to front which I think helps keep her interested. She doesn’t scream the second shes on her tummy now which is a huge relief.   tummytimeGirlfriend LOVES her Jolly Jumper and bounces around like a fool now. She looks like a little highland dancer in it with her feet moving so fast.

We (finally) built up enough nerve to try out gym childcare! We’ve been twice now and it was a success! No tears from her or me :) She played in a bouncer and was sung to and then had a nap the first time (just half an hour because I wasn’t sure how she’d do) and the second time (a full hour!) she hung out and got carried around and watched the big kids play haha.


Current Stash: Size 3 Uppymama Celestial, Size 5 Cloth of Kin Handwoven, Sakura Bloom Lemongrass Chambray Ring Sling, Lenny Lamb Finnish Diamond Soft Structured Carrier and I just traded my Mountain Girl Handwoven Shades of Grey Size 6 wrap for an Uppymama Market Bliss (pictured below). Looking forward to getting it in the mail!


  • Jolly Jumper
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Dogs
  • Breastfeeding
  • Babywearing
  • Watching Dad play video games
  • Books
  • Mom’s singing voice (she’s the only one in the world to like this)
  • Jacques the Peacock
  • Dad singing Rock songs while he changes her diaper
  • Baths


  • Tummy Time 😉


  • Bucket Car Seat
  • Stroller
  • Being Hungry
  • Being Tired
  • Cuddle Kitty
  • Having Tucker Lick Her Face (and trample her)

quinn4monthcollageIt’s funny to look back at the monthly pictures and how before I was like “Okay, which one isn’t she crying in?” And that narrowed it down to like 1 or 2 pictures. Now, I’m like “Okay, which one is she smiling the most in?” because now I only get 1 or 2 pictures with a serious face and the rest have smiles. :)

10 thoughts on “Quinn – 4 Months

  1. Awww she’s the cutest!! Those damn 45-minute sleep cycles! Sully still usually wakes up during his nap at that point. Sometimes I can lay him back down and he will go back to sleep, and some days it doesn’t work.

    I’m excited for you to do BLW. That’s what we did and I loved it. Sully learned to properly chew and use a straw well before he turned a year old. We also did, and do, a ton of green smoothies – it’s a great way to get veggies into him that he otherwise wouldn’t eat (like kale, celery, spinach, etc). Good luck! Did you (are you) going to read the BLW book? If you have any questions, let me know! :)

    • Excellent! I will have someone to ask my questions to as they arise when we start BLW :)
      I have read the book! It makes and the method makes a lot of sense to me vs. cereal and purees. Do you have any other book recommendations for it?

      • No, that’s the only one I read – I felt it was enough and was a good reference to refer back to during the process. Whatever you do, DO NOT join the Facebook BLW group. There is so much drama there and it is a very mean and belittling group of people. I used to follow a lady on instagram who posted BLW meals, but I recently unfollowed as we are past that point now and I can’t remember her name…You will do great! I had lots of friends try it and give up right away because it made them nervous. Maybe it’s the nurse in me, but a little gagging wasn’t enough to throw in the towel 😉

        • Haha! Totally get what you mean about the gagging. While I wouldn’t want my baby to choke, I’ve seen her gag herself on her fingers enough that I know what that looks like and if she ends up coughing on the food she will still be breathing haha. Not to mention all the times shes choked on my milk. Sigh. Haha Good to know about the group! I will stay away :)

  2. Ah she’s getting so big! Glad sleep training has gone well for you. It was so worth it to us and I know she isn’t going to remember crying when she’s 12. It’s also such a good skill for babies/kids to have to be able to put themselves to sleep. My thoughts though! We started food about two weeks ago and it’s fun :) until you have to change their diaper…haha

  3. Yay for her sleeping! I see a lot of this sleep training business, and I don’t get it? Maybe it’s because we’re not at that point yet. I let Wes sleep whenever he wants during the day and he gets 9-11 hrs straight at night. I’m assuming that’s ok? I have no idea..When did she start using the jolly jumper? I want to get Wes into his, but he still seems a but to rubber band-y to be in it.

    • Quinn is the stiffest kid ever, she came out of me and has been straight as a board since haha. She’s been going in it for short periods since she was 3 months.
      Yeah, sounds like you should count yourself extremely lucky with his sleep. :) Quinn is a pretty awful napper and would stay awake until she is miserable and so overtired that she cant even function if I let her. Night times have been easier for us but she was very reliant on sleep aids.

  4. How did I miss all these posts?! I blame Feedly! I remember the first all night stretch so clearly! SO awesome! I am with you on sleep training, while it does depend on the baby I know when we did it everyone was much happier! Babies need their sleep!
    She is getting so big!

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