The Thing I Love Most About Exercise

So as I was moping around – because woe is me, I can’t go to the gym everyday and Quinn’s nap schedule makes it super hard for me to take any classes – and I started to brainstorm things I could do to change my mindset.

WHAT specifically was it about the gym that I loved so much? That’s easy, the exercise classes.

But what is it about taking an exercise class that is so different from working out to a workout DVD at home?

The Sense of Community.

Of course! That’s what it was that I was so desperately missing. It was the camaraderie in being there together and working on improving our health as a collective. I may be a loner in most areas of my life, I’m a homebody, I don’t really go out much (aka at all now that I have a baby πŸ˜‰ hah), but when it comes to exercise I want to be in a group. A spin class, a yoga class, boot camp, circuit classes.

That’s why a workout DVD alone doesn’t cut it for me. Because the accountability is lacking, no one is doing it alongside me and encouraging me to push that extra bit harder. I know the main person I need to be accountable to is myself, but there’s something special about knowing someone else is along side you to give you that extra oomph.

Now, I know what your thinking – (And BFF Kate, I know what your thinking too πŸ˜‰ – p.s. I <3 you.) “But Amie, you lack follow through with at home programs.”

Your right! I did. But I am *pretty sure* I’ve figured out why I lacked follow through, and I’m excited to change that.

Enter Beachbody. (Thanks, Coach Alison!)

I’ve dabbled here and there with programs. I own a few of them and have tried a few workouts here and there. But what I’ve never been a part of is the Beachbody community. I’ve never participated in a challenge group.

This, my friends, is the piece I’ve been missing.

So! I am jumping in head first and I’m going to host a 60 Day Beach Body Challenge.

Why 60 Days? A lot of positive changes can be made in 60 days, and by the time 60 days are over, a lot of those positive changes will have become habits.

What does a Challenge include? You sign up for a Challenge Pack and get an exercise Program of your choice, 30 days of Shakeology (autobilled monthly, so for the 60 day challenge you would pay again after 30 days and get an additional 30 days worth), 30 day access to the Team Beachbody Club with Beachbody on Demand (think Netflix but for workouts!) and motivation and support through a private Facebook Challenge group. BONUS – I’d be your coach πŸ˜‰

It’s the best bang for your buck – Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success!

I’m super excited to give this a go. The group will be capped at 10 people, so it won’t be overwhelmingly large. The start date will be September 1st – the perfect way to kick off fall (ugh, FALL.). It also means you will be in rockin’ shape just in time for Halloween πŸ˜‰ haha. If your interested in learning more about the challenge group, or finding the perfect program to meet your needs (and trust me, there is something for everyone!) send me an email – amiekerber (at) or click HERE to check out my FB Page or HERE to check out my Beachbody Website.

There really is nothing better to invest in than your health.

6 thoughts on “The Thing I Love Most About Exercise

  1. Good for you!! I totally know what you mean about craving the community sense of classes at a gym. I miss that too, and that’s solely what I had a gym membership for – just the classes. I’m usually not motivated enough to work at home, but this round of 21 Day Fix I have proved myself wrong. Hopefully I can keep it up though even once my 21 days is up (it sure has helped to have Becky doing it at the same time as me!).

  2. So excited for you!! You are going to kill it – for yourself and with helping others I just know it!! Always here if you need anything! :) Good job!!

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