On Changing Priorities and Motherhood

I am the type of person that’s always on the Go. Always looking to do more, add more to my plate. Learn all the things. Do all the things.

Prior to actually delivering my baby, I applied to become a Master of Nursing Student through Athabasca University. I’d taken a graduate level course and felt fairly confident in my abilities to manage a course load plus a baby (and life). I was career oriented. I wanted to make a name for myself in Nursing early on.




Then I became a mother. And my priorities 1000% shifted.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love my career. I look forward to going back to work casually and having a change of pace some days. But for right now, I need to acknowledge my limitations. Not only can I not AFFORD to go back to school (I’m looking at you unnecessary travel trailer purchase and student loans), but I just can’t fathom adding it to my list of priorities.

I’m already going to be doing the following things: teaching spin, possibly teaching a yoga class, being a full time mom and wife, managing a house, work on growing my Beachbody Coaching team, and on top of that, I have another year left of my term as Provincial Councillor where I sit on THREE different committees.

Something had to give. So I decided to withdraw from the Master of Nursing program. I’m really not upset about it. I couldn’t imagine my evenings turning into my school time, at least not for right now. The only thing that sucks is that the application process was a pain in the butt and I don’t look forward to doing that again in the future when I reapply.

I’m hopeful that one day we will live in either Edmonton or Calgary so that I can just go for a full 2 years and get the whole program over and done with. It’s just a matter of life timing, right now isn’t the right time, but one day I’ll get it.

So for now I’ll be happy with the blessings in my life instead of trying to do more.

Ahhh…. I already feel the weight lifting of my shoulders. (Literally and figuratively) 😉

3 thoughts on “On Changing Priorities and Motherhood

  1. Honestly, when you mentioned (a long time ago) that you were going to start your masters, I was in awe! I have no idea how people go to school and have a baby/toddler. Actually, most days, I can barely understand how people seem to accomplish so much in one day when they are at home with a baby – I can barely get dinner cooked most nights lol. I think it’s great that you have acknowledged what’s important in the now. The masters program will always be there and Quinn won’t be a baby forever. Gosh, Sully is 18 months old today and I’m like, he’ll be 4 and in pre-K/preschool before I know it! I have yet to meet a mom who put off career aspirations to spend more time with their kids only to say they regret that decision. Plus, it sounds like you have lots of other things to keep you nice and busy! Teaching spin – brave!! :)

    • Your totally right about the program always being there but Quinn only being little for a little bit! That was what clicked for me for wanting to put it off. I miss teaching spin!! I taught it until I was 35 weeks pregnant. I’m so looking forward to getting back in the saddle haha :)

  2. I agree with Brie. I don’t think anyone’s regret putting career stuff on hold to be with their kids. I can appreciate what a hard decision it must be but good for you for acknowledging that it wasn’t going to work instead of trying to make it work and not giving it (or something else in your life) your all!

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