Quinn – Half a Year

6monthI’m just flabbergasted that my wee little baby is half a year old already. While it seems like forever ago she came into the world it also feels like just yesterday. I guess that must be a mom thing? Just so many mixed emotions about her growing up so fast! Haha


Future Blogger ;)



16lb 4oz – 58th percentile


65cm – 39th percentile


42.5cm – 61st percentile


6-9 month stuff mostly. Pekkle is all 9 month and those are getting small. Carters is mostly 6 month.



Still going strong with Q2H Breastfeeding. Kinda hoping that will change with adding solids but at the same time it will also signify the end of a special bonding period. Before I had a baby I knew I wanted to breastfeed until a year, but I was pretty sure I wanted to stop at the 1 year mark. Now… I’d be okay going a little longer (please note: I might change my tune when a tooth cuts!). I don’t think I’ll be one of those lady’s that breastfeeds until age 2 or beyond.. I still can’t see myself making it to that point, but maybe 1 and a half? I dunno.

Okay forgive my ignorance but I am so confused (and haven’t looked it up, hence the ignorance!) about the whole weaning process? Like at 1 year on the dot is it expected that their calories should be coming primarily from solid food? What happens if it is before that point? What happens if they get to 1 year and it isn’t that way? HOW do baby’s wean down to just one or two feeds a day!? I think the reason I haven’t researched all of this is because I’m in denial this this will actually happen and she won’t need me as much anymore. *tear* At the same time, I am looking forward to being able to travel for work/nursing again without having to plan my life around breastfeeding, because no lie, that is a pain in the ass. Anyways, that was a random pile of thoughts. I’d love to hear about your weaning experience and if you have any good resources share em’! (Don’t laugh at my silly questions haha this is all new!)


My goal for this month is to be more consistent with offering solids. Up until now I had just done so when Quinn was awake at the time I was eating (which was rare). As of me typing this there are a bunch of sweet potato sticks roasting in the oven haha. I’m going to start out with lunch. Then I’ll add breakfast. Then I’ll add supper (she goes to bed so early!). The reason I’m starting with lunch instead of breakfast is because she is usually awake around the lunch time that I eat whereas I usually wait till she is asleep for her first nap to eat breakfast. (Again if this is so out in left field please leave me some feedback! – Makin’ this up as I go along haha).

Quinn’s tried a variety of foods. Her favorite is banana (Her momma’s daughter!). She tried some pasta (in the form of a casserole, just 2 noodles), roast, pita bread (she LOVED this haha), butternut squash, cheese, and apple.

My doctor told me she will become iron deficient if I don’t give her cereal. I had a chuckle about that one.

Quinn has no teeth and no sign of teeth although sometimes I think her gums bother her.

cutieNight Sleeping

Quinn is still waking up anywhere from 1 to 2 times a night. If she is still doing this by the time she is 7 months old I will be weaning her off night feeds all together. Once in a while she sleeps straight through, so I know it is possible for her.

Day Sleeping

I think the books lie when they tell you that baby’s naps should be 1-3 hours. I call complete BS. Or at least that is the case with my child. They are usually 35-45 minutes regardless of what I do or how I try to extend them. She is still napping 4 times a day. I thought is was supposed to be 2 long naps by now and they would consolidate sleep during the day? Fucking BS. Can you tell this topic slightly pisses me off? :/ Her stamina to stay awake is closer to 2 hours now which is a blessing and a curse considering she rarely naps longer than 45 minutes.


Quinn’s health has been good this last month (knock on wood!).


Shes sooo close to sitting unassisted. She can for a few seconds and then she looks around and topples over haha. She can roll back to front and front to back although she only rolls front to back in her crib and its rare. She also can bring her knees up under her bum but no rocking back and forth yet.


IMG_4878Quinn’s favorite toys are ones with lights and music. She also still loves bouncing/jumping. She is much more independent with her play this month so I can actually get a few chores done here and there. She likes being sung to and feeling new textures. She also loooooooves petting the animals. Doing that is the bees knees.


We got our semi custom Uppy! It’s called Prairie Midwives and its a size 4 and its beautiful. I haven’t taken too many pictures of it yet because we got it last week right before we went out of town but hopefully this week I will get some good ones!


  • Sophie
  • Bananas and Chicken
  • Drinking Milk
  • Exersaucer & Jolly Jumper
  • Pulling Hair (mom’s, dad’s beard, and the animals)
  • Being tickled
  • Splashing in the Bath
  • Bouncing
  • Reaching for things
  • Feeling new things
  • Petting the animals


  • Having her face wiped
  • Sitting still for getting dressed
  • When people aren’t paying attention to her
  • Broccoli
  • When the dogs lick her face
  • Travelling
  • The Car Seat for long periods
  • Being restrained in any way


12 thoughts on “Quinn – Half a Year

  1. I’d love to chat with you sometime about the logistics of breastfeeding after a year – don’t over think it. Nurse on demand still, if that works for you. Also remember that cereal has no nutritional significance except iron, which she can get from a number of other food sources. :)

  2. Yay Quinn! She is getting so grown up!!! People asked me if I was going to do BLW with Wes and I had to google it…decided to go with purees because the boy is HUNGRY and wants to EAT. He is really happy with it which makes me happy. I left him gum a few veggies or fruits that I eat, but nothing major. He gets his dexterity practice with random objects I put in front of him. With that, he’s starting to nurse less (which of course I got sad about) but it’s a MAJOR load of my shoulders and Tyler can start to take more of the feeding duties..I just don’t know how my boobs will last with cutting it down to eventually only 1/2 feeds/day. I already awake up with freaking boulders every morning!
    I’m also in the same boat with you on the naps. Usually only 30-45 minutes and never at any set time. I get the occasional long nap, but never do anything productive because you never know when those naps come around!

    • Totally. When the long naps happen I always think well she will be up right away and I might as well not start anything. 2 hours of Netflix later and I’ve done nothing but sit on my butt! You’ll have to let me know how long it takes for you to start producing less! That’s awesome he loves to eat so much πŸ˜€ and really, as long as your baby is getting food that’s the main thing, whether it be purees or chunks! They fed us purees and we turned out good. I’m more so doing it for the convenience factor!

  3. I can’t believe she’s 6 months already! I think weaning just kind of happens. At least that’s how it feels looking back when Liam was a baby. I slowly increased the food he got after 6 months and he slowly stopped drinking as much milk.

  4. So many thoughts! Haha! My goal was always to make it to the one year mark with nursing and then go from there and follow Sully’s lead. Well, here we are at 19 months and we are still nursing, although usually only twice a day (morning/bedtime), although sometimes he wants to nurse before or after a nap. Your body just adjusts naturally and I just followed Sully’s cues. Ie, continued to nurse him on demand. After a year, we did nurse 1-2 times during the day depending on his mood. It doesn’t affect his solids intake. Also, if I’m not home, either at night or in the morning, it doesn’t matter to him…he just goes without and no bottle. We also don’t really do milk (of any form). He isn’t a fan, and I don’t push it. I think a lot of people start introducing full fat milk by age 1 so that will really affect their nursing as most babies will just want the fat milk and so I would think weaning would be easier then. Don’t worry tho – it will all just fall into place for you, I promise! :)

    I think around 7 or 8 months we introduced green smoothies to Sully and to this day he is a huge fan! We also introduced a straw at that time which I highly recommend. So much better than sippy cups (or bottles in my opinion). Some days (not as much anymore, but before), his only real food intake would be from smoothies, which really, is pretty darn healthy! (I load them up with everything!).

    Also, I totally agree with you on naps! We still struggle to this day, but some days are way better than others. I envy mom’s who get a solid three hour nap EVERY SINGLE afternoon!! I think of all the things I could get done! Maybe my house would actually be clean, haha! πŸ˜‰

    You can always email me if you ever want to chat more about breastfeeding :)

    • Thank you for the information! We seem to think along the same lines so I always love it when you comment. I was wondering about cows milk vs not cows milk (I’m not really wanting to give goats milk or soy and don’t really know another option!). Glad to hear you didn’t really push it, I think we will do the same! Also great tips about the straws and smoothies. I think this is something we will definitely do.

  5. Can’t believe that she is 6 months old already?! Doesn’t it feel like the weeks/days/months just fly by? I have no idea what I’ve done with my maternity leave besides feed, change, etc Amelia, haha.

    In terms of food and breast feeding, so far I’ve found that we have cut down a bit, but not a huge amount yet. Food isn’t their main source of nutrition yet, so I breast feed before offering food most of the time. Some days Amelia eats a tonne of food and other days, not as much. Just wait until she starts the solid poops πŸ˜‰ We are doing a mix of purees and BLW- only because Amelia doesn’t want anything to do with a spoon at times and would rather feed herself, which she is getting good at (plain Cheerios helped her figure it out quickly!). Also- when she starts eating more food and breast feeding less, I’ll warn you that your period may come back quicker (happened to me).

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