The GLOW Run {Race Recap} & Super Sunday

So my goal is to publish two posts a week. I think that is manageable and will push me to keep this space active. Plus I finally feel like I have that spark lit within me again so I have A LOT to talk about.

This last weekend was a fun one!

On Saturday I ran a 5k called the Glow Run in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I signed up for this run months ago, and almost forgot about it until I got an email last week reminding me about package pick up. I was signed up for the 10k originally but decided to drop it down to the 5 because I haven’t been consistently running.

The race was an evening race – my second one ever. My first was the RnR Las Vegas 2 years ago. The race started at 7pm. I tucked Quinn in at 6:20, got dressed up in my Glow Gear, and headed out!

IMG_5304 IMG_5306

The weather was PERFECT. Like, it doesn’t get much better than +15 with a cool wind and no snow (yet) in October (I don’t know what it felt like out with the wind, maybe +7?).

The race started out and I fell into a steady pace behind a mother and her son. We were running down the Delburn Highway towards the Westerner and then into the paths over by that sub division. Haha – sorry for that terrible explanation.

Anyways, we were running along and then I saw this bald guy (like shaved bald) wearing a suit, carrying a dufflebag, walking down the sidewalk … at 7:15pm…. on a Saturday ….. *cue the Red Flags* He was very weird. So I decided to pace myself with the mother and son in front of me so that I wouldn’t ever be alone on the trail/path in the dark. Yes, I’m a wuss.

Well… the mother and son didn’t stop running… the entire 5k. I wanted to walk. That would have been easy to do a few times. But I kept with them the entire time. I wasn’t worried about my pace as long as I could keep up with them. And needless to say I was SUPER pumped to cross the finish line at 33:21.

That’s 10:45min miles.

Last time I ran I was doing 12:30min miles. Seriously.

I was OVERJOYED with that time! Shout out to my pacer bunnies – you helped keep me speedy and I didn’t get raped! (bad joke.)

I will definitely do this race again next year. It was a fun evening out :)

Then, on Sunday, Quinn woke me up at the lovely hour of 5:30am.

I grumbled around and drank coffee and then hit the road at 9:30am to go to Super Sunday in Edmonton. Super Sunday is a quarterly event for Beachbody where coaches get together to learn about whats coming up, listen to motivational speakers, and do a workout together.

IMG_5321This was my first Super Sunday and I was pretty excited to go! Matthias had the day off so he hung out with Quinn :) In true Amie Fashion I was an hour early.. but I hit up Planet Organic. Then it was time for the event!

IMG_5318Caleb Thomas was the “Celebrity” Coach they brought in. He has a Youtube Page (here) and he is seriously hilarious. I’ve watched a ton of his videos to help me learn how to work my business so I was very excited to see him speak!

It was an energizing event, we did a T25 workout, they had a Shakeology Bar, and there were a lot of coaches there (Don’t let this picture deceive you – this was taken when I arrived … extremely early.)

I left with a renewed sense of optimism and the desire to live authentically. Coaching isn’t about being a sleazy salesperson. It’s about impacting lives and leaving a positive impact on those around you. :)


So that was my weekend! I have another busy one coming up this weekend too! Tomorrow I am headed to Edmonton for a nursing meeting and leaving Quinn behind with Matthias again (you know your baby is growing up when you can be away from her for 8 hours :( – the engorgement part sucks though) and Saturday is going to be EXTRA fun.

I’m signed up for the Rock Your Bump, Baby, and Beyond show at the Westerner! It’s from 10am-4pm. I’d really love to see you there. It’ll be me and Quinn taking on the day together.

Some thoughts I’ve had about the day – How are you supposed to leave your table to go pee if your the only one manning your table? Also, has anyone ever done a trade show with a baby?! What have I gotten myself in to?! Hahah. If you stop by the event I’d super love it if you could let me run to the bathroom for a couple minutes and/or take Quinn on a walk around the venue. I’d be forever grateful 😉 I’m also doing a giveaway so you’ll want to make sure you come by to enter that!

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