Quinn – 9 Months




Not Measured (9 month appointment isn’t until January)


Not Measured


Not Measured


Starting to move in to the 12 month stuff. 6 month stuff is too small, 6-12 month stuff stretches out to fit, and 9 month stuff is still good (but hardly any brand makes 9 month stuff haha).



This last month I really noticed the need to start feeding more solids to Quinn. She has gotten really good at moving food to her mouth, chewing, and swallowing. I give her mostly little pieces of whatever I am eating. I found that I was kind of lazy about it all to be honest, breastfeeding is just so easy. It seemed like timing meals between napping and breastfeeding was annoying, but then I got over it and got better at it lol. She eats 3 meals a day and breastfeeding 5-7 times a day. I’m thinking this will start to slow down and be less often as we continue on. Anyone know when they are only supposed to be breastfeeding like 2 or 3 times a day? 1 year? More than that? Less? Does it depend on the baby? (I try to avoid googling baby things because of how conflicting the information is haha) She is also a champ with drinking water from the straw cup :)

Night Sleeping

Bed time remains 6:30-7:30pm, Dream feed at 10ish, sleeps until 6:30-7am. REALLY nice. She has the odd day where she wakes to eat at 5/5:30, but now she usually sleeps until Matthias wakes up to go to work and sometimes she even just lays quietly in her bed until closer to 7 despite waking up earlier. I’d like to look at cutting out the dream feed.. but I feel like 12 hours without food/milk is a long time. And I don’t want to mess up the 6:30/7am wake up time. And I also don’t want to keep her up later at night because she is already a little grump in the evenings.

Day Sleeping

2 naps a day. Morning name is usually 1 hour and afternoon nap ranges from 1 hour to 2.5 hours. Sometimes it is hard for her to wind down and fall asleep in the afternoons. The morning nap is her more consistent nap for sure! I feel like we finally have a routine (and now that I’ve typed that up it is going to implode on itself)



Quinn had her second ever cold this last month. Snot Machine 2.0. Then she shared said cold with Me, Matthias, and Matthias’ entire work crew haha.

No Teeth yet!



Quinn’s favorite noises are Mamama, Dadada, Nanana, Lalala, and Tatata. She chats when only mom and dad are around, and shes pretty quiet when warming up to strangers.

She’s definitely going through the whole “If I don’t know you don’t look at me or touch me or I will cry and cling to my mom/dad” phase. I actually don’t mind this at all.. because she isn’t cuddly normally so I’m secretly loving this stage!

IMG_7145She goes from laying to sitting on her own and she can pull herself up to standing but is SUPER unsteady. We had to lower the crib. Standing is now cooler than nap time haha. Her crawling has started to speed up now but she still takes her time. She’s just now starting to get in to things/explore more.

She started waving!! It’s the cutest thing ever. She also can clap, but she is really inconsistent with it.


She loves to bang toys together. Her favorite toys are her cups and her blocks and now that her activity table has its legs on it again she likes to try to pull herself to standing on that.

She likes looking at books sometimes, but IMG_7485she likes ripping library book pages more than anything 😉

I know I’m totally biased, but Quinn makes the FUNNIEST faces. And she knows just how to make Matthias and I crack up. She now does this thing where she constricts her wind pipe and breathes like an asthmatic. It’s hilarious. And she scrunches up her face and breathes all heavy. She is the biggest goof ball. She also loves yelling as loud as possible.     IMG_7490 LIKES

  • Mama
  • Dad (when Mom isn’t around)
  • Cuddle Kitty & Ruby (stuffed animals)
  • Crawling
  • Light Switches
  • The Thermostat
  • Heating Vents
  • Licking the floor (to my dismay)
  • The Pets (particularly Olivia)
  • Yogurt, Pumpkin Pancakes, Cheese, Black Beans, Chicken, Caesar Salad, Chili, Pretty much all food except Broccoli and Eggs
  • Remote Controls
  • Trying to Scratch off Mama’s Tattoos



  • Having her water cup taken away from her
  • Finishing all her food but wanting more (this mostly happens with yogurt haha)
  • When Mama passes her off to anyone else
  • Broccoli & Eggs 😉
  • Being in the Carseat for too long
  • Putting on her sleep sack at bedtime
  • Drying off after the bath
  • Diaper Changes

7 thoughts on “Quinn – 9 Months

  1. Hmmm I’d say every baby is different and I wouldn’t worry/stress over it. Wes eats 2x/day and breastfeeds 2-3 times with a bottle before bed. It’s so hard not to google things when there’s so much unknown! She’s a cutie! I want to see the funny breathing gig! And yay for her giving you more zzz’s :)

  2. I think at 12/13 months Mae was nursing once in the morning, a bottle of cows milk in the afternoon, and a 10pm nursing session. We then dropped the 10pm session as I finally felt like she’d be OK going 12 hours without food (as you said it seems like a long time and its hard to feel certain that they’re ready for that change). Now at 17 months we are still nursing once in the morning and then an afternoon bottle of milk (which was a choice I made so I could be away from her in the afternoon as needed and has been wonderful for me to have some freedom but also continue to nurse in the mornings! I should add that I couldn’t pump, so that wasn’t an option for us).

    • Thank you for this!! I don’t want to give up our nursing in the morning and at night for a while yet. I feel like the transition back to work when she is like 10.5/11 months is going to be HARD. I think because I have “food before 1 is just for fun” as my BLW motto and I just think Breast milk is so much better and nutritious for her than anything else that it makes my stomach drop thinking I am going to be decreasing my milk supply when I go back to work and she will need something else. I’ll have to talk to my doctor about cows milk at our next appointment and see what he suggests for introducing it. Did you do Homo milk? How much were you giving in a bottle? Quinn is such a snacker. Today she nursed 8 times!! Lol

  3. I’m seriously struggling to remember what our nursing schedule was like at 9 months, but I’m pretty confident it was still every few hours. That being said, we still nurse morning at night (at 22 months) and sometimes even a nap nursing session. If I’m not home in the morning for whatever reason, or I’m out at bedtime, then Sully just goes to bed without anything, no problem. (obviously at this point, nursing isn’t giving him very much calories). I do remember though, that at around 9/10/11 months, the sessions just got a lot shorter because he could nurse so much more efficiently so it felt like I wasn’t nursing as much, if that makes sense. I was really on the fence about cows milk being introduced, and since I was still nursing and he was getting calcium from other sources (yogurt, cheese), I personally didn’t feel cows milk was necessary the second he turned one. Luckily, my paediatrician in Edmonton felt the same so it was never pushed. I went to NYC for a week when Sully was 15 months old and he would not take any form of milk product, including pumped breast milk while I was gone (not from a bottle, nor a straw or sippy cup) so he just went without and did just fine. We picked up nursing right where we left off when I got home lol. ANYWAY, this is all to say, every kid is different and you will ultimately end up doing what feels best for you and Quinn, and what works for you! I do offer Sully milk in a glass daily, but it’s hit and miss with him and I don’t push it.

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