Quinn – 10 Months

Poor girl with her cold

Poor girl with her cold



Not Measured (Getting close to 20 lb I think)


Not Measured


Not Measured


Mostly 12 month stuff, 18 month Pekkle sleepers are still ridiculously big ๐Ÿ˜‰



We are at a solid 3 meals a day. Depending on the day I will offer an afternoon snack, but not always. Meals are usually whatever I am having or leftovers from the day before. When Quinn is at the Dayhome I send her with a Lunch, which I actually really like because then I know shes getting good stuff :)

Breastfeeding is going good. She eats anywhere from 4-7 times a day still. When she is at the Dayhome I send her with Formula because I don’t have enough of a stash in the freezer to send her with. This kind of makes me sad, but it is what it is. I plan to breastfeed as long as we can, and on the days shes at the Dayhome for the full day I’ve pumped once or twice.

Night Sleeping

Consistent with last month, however teething plus a cold gave us a few ROUGH days with 3ish wake ups a night. I was TIRED. It’s funny because when she was waking that much when she was younger I didn’t really feeling “tired” at the time, but now when she has some rough nights I feel like I was hit by a truck haha.

Day Sleeping

Still going strong with 2 naps. Quinn naps well at the Dayhome! Cry’s a bit before she falls asleep but that is pretty consistent with being at home and its more of a protest than a “YOUR ABANDONING ME” cry. She naps in one of those little pod things when she is there which is cute but hard to imagine.


So we started going to the Dayhome this past month as I go back to work in 8 short days. I feel like the whole Going Back to Work thing deserves a post on its own – so maybe I will write about that this week during one of Quinn’s full days at the Dayhome. Our transition looks like this: 1 week with 2 half days, 1 week with 1 half day and 1 full day, and 1 week with 2 full days. From there I go back to work, and she will be going anywhere from 2-4 days a week.

We lucked out and really liked the first Dayhome provider we met with. She is accommodating to my crazy schedule and weird hours, has lots of experience and education, and lives literally a 1 minute drive down the road. The first 3 times (Half Days) I dropped Quinn off I don’t think she really understood what was happening (That I was leaving). She did fine, with no tears, and seemed content enough to be passed off. On the first full day she went she started to tear up/cry/reach for me when I passed her off. She knew what was coming by handing her over. That pretty much ripped out my heart. I didn’t cry, but I had to leave pretty quick because I didn’t want it to get any worse. Now whenever I pass her off to someone she doesnt know she reaches for me and starts to cry because she probably thinks I’m going to leave her. During her days she does okay – a few teary/whiny periods where she probably realizes I’m not there, but other than that she does okay. I’m hopeful this month she will fully adjust to the idea and be okay with it.


With starting at the Dayhome we have had cold’s 3 & 4. She also got her first tooth this month! I think shes working on the second, but its still not quite there.


Clapping and Waving are the norm now ๐Ÿ˜‰ She understands “Hi”, “Milk”, “Mama”, “Dada”, “Bubba” (Tucker), “Olivia”, “Rosie”, “Hank”, and “Oakley”

She’s a little chatter box, and she can say “Mama” and “Dada” to the correct person, but it is usually when she is upset, otherwise she interchanges them and uses them sporadically. Dada is definitely her favorite word. She also smiles big when I say “Kitty” and “Meow” – She loves crawling after Oakley and Olivia.

Standing all over the place. She pulls herself up on everything now.


She likes to play with anything she can stand on, her activity cube and table are her current favorites. She seems a bit impatient when I try to read to her and she tries to roll off my lap – does this get better? Haha I hope so!

She is more of an observer still at the Dayhome as the other kids are bigger than her, but this last month she has really started to watch big kids play when we are out. She will watch and smile whenever they run around haha.


  • Mama
  • Dad (when Mom isn’t around)
  • Cuddle Kitty & Cinnamon (stuffed animals)
  • Crawling behind the Couch
  • Activity Table
  • Baths
  • Trying to Roll off her Change Table
  • My Shoes
  • The Pets (particularly Olivia)
  • Remote Controls


  • Having her water cup taken away from her
  • When Mama passes her off to anyone else
  • Being in the Carseat for too long
  • Standing for too long and not knowing how to sit back down
  • Diaper Changes
  • Strangers


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  1. Oh man, once your kid has been sleeping through the night, random night wake-ups are the worst!! I remember thinking that I would rather have consisted night wake-ups because that was easier to adjust to then one here and there.

    I’m glad to hear you found an awesome dayhome and that the transition is going well so far! xo

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