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April 22 – 1 Month Postpartum


August 10th – Day ONE of Turbo Fire!

Day 90 - Turbo Fire!

Day 90 – Turbo Fire!

Why did I sign up to be a Beachbody Coach?

I know some of you probably grumble when you see my Beachbody posts. “Another MLM” “Another Scam” “That stuff doesn’t work anyways” “Another fad diet” Amiright?

That was what I thought too. I’d been presented with the Beachbody opportunity before, and not just once, but a few times. I remember scoffing at the idea of Shakeology. I remember buying some of the workout programs and then never even pressing play to try them out.

Over the years I’ve spent A LOT of money and time on my health and well being.

I’ve done it all too. Running, Crossfit, Yoga, Group Exercise Classes, Spin. You name it – I’ve done it. And while I still love ALL of those types of exercise, I needed to be realistic about how I could continue to work on my health and fitness with a wee little baby. A little baby who eats every 2 hours (still!), who isn’t great at napping unless she is in her crib and even then only takes 40 min naps, a little baby who’s colic prevented me from feeling comfortable leaving her with strangers to watch her while I left to workout.

So how does Beachbody play in to all of this? I signed up to be a Coach for a couple of reasons.

1. I was ready to take charge of my postpartum health and fitness.
2. I needed at-home workouts that suited my lifestyle. Driving to and from the gym (40 mins total) plus a workout plus timing all of that to fit my baby’s schedule was causing me more stress than happiness.
3. I wanted to re-focus on eating whole foods and nourishing my body properly. It is easy to fall into the comfort food trap when you are tired from sleepless nights. I needed to change that.
4. I’ve been passionate about self love and body acceptance for a while now and what better way to get that message out than by signing up as coach? I want to share this with everyone because we are all awesome and worthy and the number on a scale doesn’t define that.
5. I want to be a positive role model for Quinn. I want her to grow up appreciating quality food and how important it is to be active and even more important – to ENJOY that activity.
6. And finally, the business opportunity spoke to me. While I love nursing and am so glad it is my profession, I’m also now aware that this stage of life is fleeting, and nursing will always be there for me when it’s over and my baby and future baby’s are grown (ugh, cry emoticon ). So if I can find a way to stay home most of the time with my little girl and at the same time help other people to find love and acceptance for themselves? You betcha I’m going to go for it.

So there you have it. Sorry, not sorry, for the 500 word essay. I’d love to chat with you more about all of the positive things Beachbody can do for you. Send me a message if your interested!

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