Quinn – 8 Months!


Oops. I disappeared again. Sorry about that! 😉 How is maternity leave SO busy and yet at the same time days go by where I accomplish nothing on my to-do list?!

Anyways. Not like I have much maternity leave left anyways. Tear.



18lb 1oz – 59th percentile


Not Measured


Not Measured


Mostly 9 month, some 12 month (Pekkle – of course).

Christmas Dress

Christmas Dress



Going strong. Quinn usually eats 5-6ish times a day still. I think maybe she has dropped one feed? Honestly we are pretty feed on demand still over here and I try to make sure she is offered milk before any solids. I’ve had a few (maybe like 2 max) thoughts about weaning to formula.. but then I think about the dishes and the cost and the process of getting it ready and I am way too lazy for that. So we will continue on.


Lol :)


Gah. So Quinn decided over the last month that she doesn’t know how to take Quinn-sized bites, or chew the large bites she takes. She will shove EVERYTHING on her tray into her mouth all at once. Even if her mouth is full. Then she gags and spits it all out. She’s made progress in that she can now bring small pieces of food to her mouth, so instead of stick shaped I am cutting up everything small enough so she won’t choker herself if she shoves 5 or 6 pieces of food into her mouth, but I still have to give her only a few pieces at a time.

I’ve also given her prunes a few times for constipation. She doesn’t mind eating off the spoon so if we are eating soup or chili I will serve her up a little bowl and spoon feed it to her (because girlfriend would go cray if I let her have liquid and a bowl and spoon).

She likes pretty much everything but is partial to carrots and broccoli. Her favorites are mashed potatoes, chicken, puffs, peas and black beans.

Thanks to Jen for the recommendation of the Playtex sippy cup! It only took Quinn a few minutes of gumming the straw and she picked it up right away. She now drinks water without choking (YAY! NO DRY DROWNING!) and she even tried my Jugo Juice smoothie the other day haha. Excited to start making her some smoothies at home as well!

Night Sleeping

I think this last month was the month where I can say with confidence that Quinn is “sleeping through the night.” She still gets her 10pm dream feed (which I am going to wean around 10 or 11 months), and then she eats again at 5am and is usually back down until 6:30/7am. If she sleeps till 6am she’s up for the day. Bedtime is 6:30/7pm.

Day Sleeping

2 Naps a day and they are lengthening out! *hallelujah* Morning nap is usually 8:30-9am and afternoon nap is 12-1pm. They range from an hour to 3 hours (and boy, the 3 hour naps are glorious). If we are out and about she doesn’t nap so that throws her off, but we try to be close to home for her naps so she isn’t a dragon.


Pouty Lip On Point ;)


Aside from the 2 times she was constipated all is well in the health department!

Still toothless 😉



Umm, you guys. Quinn is slowly crawling now. The sitting-up-but-staying-in-one-place stage was maybe like 3 days long. Then she started always getting herself forward on to her tummy or her hands and knees. Then she started to rock back and forth and pull herself along the carpet. And just the other day she successfully and slowly crawled across her room to get a toy. While I am so excited, I am also sad. She is going to eat a lot of dog hair and dirt. I can’t keep my floors clean enough. Why did I think it was a good idea to get 3 dogs?!

She recognizes books we read often and gets excited when we get to the end of the book (there’s a mirror).

She kisses herself if she looks in a mirror. She gave me a kiss *one time* it was the cutest thing ever.

Her “talking” has slowed a bit this month in favor of her learning to crawl.

Pincer grasp is getting better!


I think I officially have to baby proof my house/living room now. Sigh. Her favorite things to play with are her mobile, the thermostat, light switches, and heating vents. She also loves to lick the dog bones (UGH). Anything that makes noise will also do.

She met Santa for the first time ever. She was not a fan. She also met the Grinch. She was even less of a fan of him. 😉


  • Trying to Crawl
  • Eating Dog Hair
  • Licking the Dog Bones
  • Sleeping on her stomach
  • Mama
  • Cuddle Kitty
  • Playing Airplane with Dad
  • My Cell Phone



  • Strangers
  • When Mom takes away something she wants (like the Dog Bones)
  • Being ignored
  • Having her face wiped
  • Santa


Quinn – 7 Months


Another month gone. This one has seriously been the funnest one yet! I wish I was a better photographer.. my picture quality is all over the place month to month haha.



17lb 4oz – 57th percentile, she is fitting perfectly into her growth curve *type A*


Not Measured


Not Measured


Mostly 9 month, some 12 month (Pekkle – of course), and some 6 month.



I think this month we finally started spacing out our feeds to the 3 hour mark. Breastfeeding is still going good. I’m so lucky we have had an easy time with this. I know so many women struggle with it and I am grateful this part of our journey together hasn’t been a disaster. I will miss this special time with Quinn when it is over.





& Meatballs. #NotAVegetarian

This last month I really jumped in with BLW. I had been dabbling here and there for a month as Quinn was showing signs of being ready to eat but didn’t push it until this last month. Quinn normally gets offered food once or twice a day right now, depending on when she is up and what we are doing that day. Breakfast is usually a combo of eggs, toast, oatmeal, fruit or avocado. Lunch is usually leftovers from supper the night before and veggies. And if she is up for Supper then she gets whatever we are eating. I’ve tried spoon feeding her on a few occasions (yogurt, pumpkin soup, mashed potatoes, oatmeal) and she will usually only let me give her about a tbsp of food before she wants to do it herself so then I scoop whatever shes eating right on to her table and let her go at it (except for the soup – that would have been extra messy). She gets covered in food but manages pretty well. She is a lot less gaggy than at the start of the month but still isn’t great at swallowing. She has “choked” a few times but managed to work it out herself a few times (hence why it is in quotations). I’m most nervous about giving her water in a sippy cup. Any suggestions on good baby cups? Brie – I’d be interested to know which cup you used with the straw and how you taught your little guy to drink from a straw. No teeth yet! She’s liked all of the food we’ve given her so far!

Night Sleeping

I successfully weaned the 3am feed! Wahooooo! It wasn’t too hard. She cried a bit for a couple nights but not for longer than 5 mins and the one night she did cry for longer than 5 mins I went and fed her and that was that. So now she goes to bed around 6:30/7, gets fed at 10, and then gets fed again anywhere from 4:30-6 and then is up for the day between 7-8. Not too shabby. I’ve made it an unofficial rule that she isn’t allowed to get up before 7… so I pretty much just don’t go in until 7am haha (after her earlier feed of course).

Day Sleeping

We actually made some strides in day sleeping this last month. She naps 2-3 times a day and her naps are now at least an hour. I decided I’d start leaving her a little longer to see if she would go back to sleep and lo and behold she often did! So that’s nice. Now hopefully I won’t jinx it all by telling you all this!


Little Lady Matthias haha

Little Lady Matthias haha

Quinn had her first cold over Thanksgiving weekend. She was a coughing, runny eyed snot machine. Poor girl. I was, of course, overly anxious about her – I was scared she would stop breathing, the SIDS fear is REAL. So she slept in our bed one night and then she improved a bit and I felt better. It took about 5 days for her to be her normal self again.


She started sitting this month! She can sit for extended periods (>10mins) and only flops over if she gets lazy or reaches for a toy or gets knocked over by the dogs (oops!) haha.

She is thisclose to crawliIMG_5065ng. She shuffles/army crawls off the rug now on to the dirty hardwood. And she gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She also eats a whole lotta pet hair and dirt. I can’t keep my floors clean enough even though I vaccume every day. Aggghhhh.

She started babbling a TON at the end of the month. She says mamama, and bababa, and yells like it’s nobodies business. Next we will work on dadada.

IMG_5394She can even hold her own bottle! And she only ever gets a bottle once every couple of weeks.


Sitting has been so great for playing! She likes to sit and throw things around and play with things that light up and make noise. I’m hoping to get a few more interactive toys this month but have been frugal and only checking the FB buy and sell pages. Maybe I should check out Once Upon a Child too.

IMG_5139 IMG_5136


I wore Quinn this last weekend for 2 naps during the trade show we were at! Hallelujah! It was wondering. Girlfriend rarely naps in my arms or cuddles. I need to keep practicing my back carries. The ring sling is our favorite carrier I’d say because she can see out and it is easy to put on.


  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • The Pets
  • Rolling Over
  • Being with Mama <3 – This month Quinn has become a Mama’s girl and cries/whines/reaches for me if she is passed off to her dad or anyone else. I know it is just a phase but I am relishing in it to make up for those first horrid months I thought she didn’t like me. She will only sleep in my arms when we are at my dads house for Sunday night supper so now I look forward to it all week haha.
  • Fuzzy Bee Book
  • Hitting and Throwing Toys
  • Yelling/Babbling



  • Strangers
  • When Mom tries to hand her off to Dad when he gets home from work
  • Being ignored
  • Having her nose wiped
  • Having her earrings cleaned


The GLOW Run {Race Recap} & Super Sunday

So my goal is to publish two posts a week. I think that is manageable and will push me to keep this space active. Plus I finally feel like I have that spark lit within me again so I have A LOT to talk about.

This last weekend was a fun one!

On Saturday I ran a 5k called the Glow Run in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I signed up for this run months ago, and almost forgot about it until I got an email last week reminding me about package pick up. I was signed up for the 10k originally but decided to drop it down to the 5 because I haven’t been consistently running.

The race was an evening race – my second one ever. My first was the RnR Las Vegas 2 years ago. The race started at 7pm. I tucked Quinn in at 6:20, got dressed up in my Glow Gear, and headed out!

IMG_5304 IMG_5306

The weather was PERFECT. Like, it doesn’t get much better than +15 with a cool wind and no snow (yet) in October (I don’t know what it felt like out with the wind, maybe +7?).

The race started out and I fell into a steady pace behind a mother and her son. We were running down the Delburn Highway towards the Westerner and then into the paths over by that sub division. Haha – sorry for that terrible explanation.

Anyways, we were running along and then I saw this bald guy (like shaved bald) wearing a suit, carrying a dufflebag, walking down the sidewalk … at 7:15pm…. on a Saturday ….. *cue the Red Flags* He was very weird. So I decided to pace myself with the mother and son in front of me so that I wouldn’t ever be alone on the trail/path in the dark. Yes, I’m a wuss.

Well… the mother and son didn’t stop running… the entire 5k. I wanted to walk. That would have been easy to do a few times. But I kept with them the entire time. I wasn’t worried about my pace as long as I could keep up with them. And needless to say I was SUPER pumped to cross the finish line at 33:21.

That’s 10:45min miles.

Last time I ran I was doing 12:30min miles. Seriously.

I was OVERJOYED with that time! Shout out to my pacer bunnies – you helped keep me speedy and I didn’t get raped! (bad joke.)

I will definitely do this race again next year. It was a fun evening out :)

Then, on Sunday, Quinn woke me up at the lovely hour of 5:30am.

I grumbled around and drank coffee and then hit the road at 9:30am to go to Super Sunday in Edmonton. Super Sunday is a quarterly event for Beachbody where coaches get together to learn about whats coming up, listen to motivational speakers, and do a workout together.

IMG_5321This was my first Super Sunday and I was pretty excited to go! Matthias had the day off so he hung out with Quinn :) In true Amie Fashion I was an hour early.. but I hit up Planet Organic. Then it was time for the event!

IMG_5318Caleb Thomas was the “Celebrity” Coach they brought in. He has a Youtube Page (here) and he is seriously hilarious. I’ve watched a ton of his videos to help me learn how to work my business so I was very excited to see him speak!

It was an energizing event, we did a T25 workout, they had a Shakeology Bar, and there were a lot of coaches there (Don’t let this picture deceive you – this was taken when I arrived … extremely early.)

I left with a renewed sense of optimism and the desire to live authentically. Coaching isn’t about being a sleazy salesperson. It’s about impacting lives and leaving a positive impact on those around you. :)


So that was my weekend! I have another busy one coming up this weekend too! Tomorrow I am headed to Edmonton for a nursing meeting and leaving Quinn behind with Matthias again (you know your baby is growing up when you can be away from her for 8 hours :( – the engorgement part sucks though) and Saturday is going to be EXTRA fun.

I’m signed up for the Rock Your Bump, Baby, and Beyond show at the Westerner! It’s from 10am-4pm. I’d really love to see you there. It’ll be me and Quinn taking on the day together.

Some thoughts I’ve had about the day – How are you supposed to leave your table to go pee if your the only one manning your table? Also, has anyone ever done a trade show with a baby?! What have I gotten myself in to?! Hahah. If you stop by the event I’d super love it if you could let me run to the bathroom for a couple minutes and/or take Quinn on a walk around the venue. I’d be forever grateful 😉 I’m also doing a giveaway so you’ll want to make sure you come by to enter that!

{DIY} Cloth Wipes

IMG_5274A DIY Post from yours truly? Could it really be?! And it wasn’t a complete flop costing a ton of money to fix?! Wow!

As you already know, we cloth diaper in our house. Now, I am a bit of a “lazy” cloth diaper-er. Quinn still goes in disposables over night or if we go out for longer than just a few hours. I know, I know. Shame on me.

You know what I love EVEN MORE than cloth diapering? Cloth WIPES. They are the bomb dot com. They keep her skin soft, rash free, and chemical free! No slimy coating left on her bottom.

I also love my Wipe Warmer. I know people think they are a useless baby gadget, but with cloth wipes I think it is my most favorite baby gadget we have. I have the Prince Lionheart warmer (from BRU) and I threw away the sponge, because ew.

What You’ll Need for 36 Wipes:

  • 1/2 Yard Yellow Flannel Fabric (I got mine for $7 from Fabric Land)
  • Sewing Machine (non-negotiable, you dont want to sew these by hand)
  • String (I used blue… because that’s all I had)
  • Ruler & Pencil


  1. Lay out your fabric and measure out 7×7 inch squares with a pencil. I just drew right on the fabric. It doesn’t have to be pretty
  2. Cut out eat Square
  3. Sew using a Zig Zag pattern around all of the edges to keep from fraying
  4. Give them all a wash in the laundry before using!

What You’ll Need for the Wipe Solution:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil (Or Lavender)
  • Baby Soap
  • Bowl & Cloth Wipes
  • Wipe Warmer (Optional)


  1. If your NOT using the wipe warmer simply mix 1tbsp of the Coconut Oil, 5 drops of the Essential Oil of your choice (Lavender or Tea Tree are ideal), a small squirt of Baby Soal and 2 cups of Warm Water in a spray bottle. Shake it all up and voila. Spray your dry wipes with solution or spray your baby’s bottom and use the wipes. Add dirty wipes to diaper pail or wet bag and wash with your cloth diapers.
  2. If you ARE using a wipe warmer mix 2 cups warm water, 1tbsp Coconut Oil, 5 drops Essential Oil, and a small squirt of baby soap in a bowl. Stir until coconut oil is melted. Add in your wipes to saturate them all – they should be wet, but not dripping. Fold wipes in half and then roll them up like a sausage and place them in your wipe warmer. Use as needed and place in diaper pail or wet bag when soiled. Wash with cloth diapers as you normally would.


IMG_5267 Other Notes:

  • 36 wipes lasts me 4-5 days – the same amount of time I have enough diapers for.
  • I prefer single layer flannel to double layer (like the pink and purple ones) because you need a lot less solution to wet them.
  • I highly recommend using flannel that is the color of your baby’s poop. They stain, and why would you need to spend more $ on something that is wiping poop? Haha

Do you Cloth Diaper or Cloth Wipe?