2016; The Year to Build

I’m really excited about the things to come in 2016. I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty good feeling it is going to be an awesome year.

I didn’t pick a word for 2015. I think I was so uncertain of what the year would look like I had trouble narrowing it down to just one thing I wanted to focus on.

Here is a list of all of my past words:

2014 – The Year Of Flexibility

2013 – The Year of Acceptance

2012 – The Year of Transition

2011 – The Year of Serenity

It’s pretty crazy to me that this will be the 5th word I’ve chosen over 6 years.. This blog is getting old! Haha 😉

build /bild/

to establish, increase, or strengthen.

I’ve chosen the word build for a few reasons. I am going to focus “building” in 4 different areas of my life.

  1. Relational – My top priority for the year is continuing to build strong relationships. The two main ones are the relationship with my wonderful husband – my rock, best friend, and the yin to my yang, and the one with Quinn – I want to be very intentional with how I parent Quinn and the relationship we have is one of the most important things in my life. I also want to continue building friendships and meeting new people :)
  2. Business2016 is the year I go Diamond (and above) in my business. I’ve experienced first hand how awesome Beachbody products are, and how fun challenge groups can be. This will be the year I build my team, find my tribe of leaders, and continue to help change lives. If my health and fitness journey is something you resonate with you should totally join me. We can build this from the ground up – and trust me – we CAN build an empire, I plan on it. I’m the type of person you want in your group 😉 Once I set my mind on something I don’t stop until I’ve accomplished it.
  3. Physical – I’d like to build more strength, and build a base of running. Both pretty straight forward. I will complete the Woody’s half marathon this spring. Hence why I need the running base 😉 The strength part is just something I want to work on because it’s been an area I’ve slacked off on in the past.
  4. Financial – I think I set this goal every year lol. This year I want to build a solid foundation of understanding my finances and what impact my decisions have financially. If I could pay off some debt and start to build some savings that would be a bonus. I’m just going to throw this out there and be bold with my resolution: By the end of the year I will have 1 of my student loans paid off, at least half of my line of credit debt paid off, and all of my credit card debt paid off.

Whats your 2016 word?