Life is About to get Crazy (again)

Hey! Hi! Hello.

It feels like it has been a loooong time since I have done a legitimate post. Has it been? I don’t really know. :) Guess life has kept me pretty busy. I’ll just do a quick update and be on my way then!

Eating/Healthy Living – I’ve been just “Okay” in this department recently. I know I need to get my butt in to gear and somewhat get myself off of sugar/coffee because I am pretty sure they don’t serve both those things in Yandara 😉 Lord help me.

I have also been tossing around the idea of trying to lose a bit of the emotional weight that I gained back a year ago. When I first lost the weight I became so obsessed and fearful of what would happen if I gained it back.

Well, I gained some of it back. But I also worked through a lot of the emotional issues that were underlying my struggle with weight loss/weight gain/weight maintenance. And you know what? I survived. Actually, I would say I am “thriving” now. I’ve maintained my weight for close to a year now (hovering around 160lb – sometimes above that, sometimes below that). I don’t weigh myself too often because I don’t really see a point, but I am interested in lowering my weight by about 20lb to bring me to 140ish. I feel like that is a very sustainable weight for me in terms of balancing healthy eating and exercise. Unfortunately I have a sneaky suspicion that the amount of chocolate and other sweets I eat is preventing me from getting there and instead just letting me hover where I am at.

I don’t have too much of a plan in place as of yet, but I do plan on decreasing the amount of sugar that I am eating and hopefully that will in turn lower my weight. I am 100% aware of the reasons why I became obsessive and super restrictive before, and I can confidently say those issues do not effect me at this time. I also know how to handle them if/when then do poke their heads out, and I feel good about finally (maybe) bringing my weight down just a bit over a longer period.

Yoga – I am signed up for a 40 day Yoga Challenge at the Breathing Room, which for me is actually a 36 day Yoga Challenge because I am going away to Yoga School in 33 days (Holy Shit.). I have been working on my form and alignment for a lot of poses as well as working on sanskrit names and yogic philosophy. I am equal parts excited and nervous.

Work – BUSY. Wowwza. I have 2 Conferences/Meetings in May in Edmonton, then I go away for 18 days for Yoga School, then I come home for a day and then go away for a 4 day Nursing conference in Winnipeg. I only have 5 scheduled shifts in June 😀 YESSSSS. Working Days/Nights is actually going well, I have figured out how to fuel my body appropriately without starving or over eating.

Running – Hasn’t been happening. I ran 2 miles 2 weeks ago and that was fine, I could have kept going but just didn’t have it in me. I wish I still loved running like I used to, but right now, I don’t. I won’t be running in the Woody’s Half Marathon, but I will likely volunteer (Lindsey or Becky – Want to Volunteer with me?!) Maybe as the weather continues to improve I will feel the desire to run again? Maybe not. In the mean time, I am sending my running vibes to Leigh, so that her knee can heal fully.

Matthias – For those of you that don’t know, Matthias works away 2 weeks and then is home for 1 week. He has done this since October and he has finally gotten a job back in Red Deer! We are SO excited because we can hopefully spend more time together and he can actually have a life and hobbies again as opposed to just recuperating on the 5.5 days he was home on his days off (the other 1.5 were spent traveling).

Dogs are good, Cats are good, Life is good :)

Making Happiness a Priority

I am a huge Happiness Advocate. Working in the field that I do, I have seen the first hand effects of what happens to people when they don’t make their happiness a priority.

With that being said, my happiness started to slip a bit in the Career-Field. Remember when I took a new job this summer? It ended up not being right for me at this point in my life. Loved the staff, loved the clients, loved the IDEA of it all. But at the end of the day, I just wasn’t getting the gratification out of it that I needed to feel like I was making a difference.

As a nurse, especially at this point in the job market, I count my lucky stars that I was able to FIND a job so quick. There is lots restructuring going on in the public sector under the Redford Government in AB, which means permanent (as opposed to temporary) registered nursing jobs are hard to come by these days.

I got the itch to look, so when I saw a .63 Days/Nights line posted for the Postpartum Unit at my local hospital, I jumped at the opportunity. I always loved working there, and was sad when I was unable to stay on after graduation. It really is the best of all worlds, and although I will be sad to leave my current job, I know my job satisfaction will rise and I will be able to better balance what I am doing!

  • The drive!! Curse the AB roads, but winter has been a BITCH this year. I take the back roads and it means that instead of 40 min total travel I am sometimes taking 1 hour EACH way to get to and from work. Not to mention I feel like I am going to die every time I merge on to highway 2 thanks to the Semi Trucks.
  • The line!! I am looking forward to Nights because they will work good with the dogs! Dogs can sleep in the bedroom at night when I work, and then I can spend all day with them :)
  • The amount of hours!! A .63 means that I will be just over 1/2 time, with every second week being totally free, I can pick up at the Remand Center and at the Psych Units at the same hospital.
  • The population!! Love Moms & Babies. Also love the diversity between working at a Jail, working on a Psych Unit, and working with Healthy Families. It will be the perfect mix of skill I am looking for!

I don’t start until January, but I am really looking forward to the change of pace!

What I Ate Wednesday – Night Shift Edition

Tonight I work a night shift! I actually enjoy the night shift on postpartum. Some nights are so crazy busy you don’t stop running, other nights are chill and you get to snuggle with babies who don’t want to sleep all night. It is a nice balance. Tonight, I am hoping for a chill night so that I can get back in the swing of things since I haven’t worked since Christmas 😉 I have 3 shifts total – 2 nights, 1 evening – before my nursing permit comes into effect! They will be a nice re-orientation to the unit because things are always changing up there!

I thought it would be a good idea to post how I change my eating habits to “Night Mode”. I try eat a large breakfast to keep me full-er for more of the day, and then I eat a small lunch and supper, with a snack thrown in there. I also try to sleep between the ours of 4pm and 8pm, just to try and give me that extra bit of energy. Even if I don’t sleep (which is often – I am a horrible napper), I still relax at this time, ear plugs in, blinds closed, to try and conserve as much energy as possible. After I “wake up” I am usually starving, so I dip into my packed lunch for a pre-shift snack. I also pick up a Coffee on my way in (Either McDonald’s or Tim’s with 1/2 Cream and Stevia). Here is a look at my Night Shift Food:

  • Giant Bag of Veggies (sometimes this is a salad with Balsamic Vinegar and Oil instead)
  • Apple Chips
  • Homemade Granola Bar (Recipe adapted from Iowa Girl Eats – I added 1 cup Puffed Rice Cereal instead of Sesame Seeds and reduced the honey to 1/4 cup)
  • Unsweetened Apple Sauce
  • Plum

I try to stay away from unit snacks because it is usually popcorn, chips, or chocolate, but I almost always end up trying a little bite of each. I also try to “save” a snack for after the night shift, because if I don’t eat before I go to sleep I will wake up in 3 hours famished and unable to get back to sleep. If I didn’t save a snack then I usually make myself a piece of toast with peanut butter and cocoa nibs. The morning after a shift (which is 11pm-7am) I usually sleep as long as I can (if on another night shift this can be 1-2pm, and then another nap at 6pm), or get up at 12 if I am switching back to days. It’s not too hard on me (yet) but I definitely feel like I have a hangover haha. If I am staying on nights I usually try to go to the gym before going to bed, and if I am not then I most often take a rest day because I feel so out of it. The rest of the post-shift eats are pretty straight forward – lunch (which is usually breakfast ;)) and supper, and sometimes a late night snack.

Wish me luck on my nap today! I have been up since 7am and don’t want to be up for a full 24hr without sleep!

What do I do Now?

So I stepped on the scale after working 2 night shifts, thinking I would stay the same, or perhaps see a small gain. I mean lets face it, yes I have been eating healthy, I have done well this week trying to cut out processed foods, and I feel good that I reduced my dairy intake. I didn’t eat out, I enjoyed a coffee almost every day, and I felt like I ate more than I normal would (especially since working nights, I tend to eat more).

What number do I see when I step on the scale?


Wait, What? 125? How is that even possible? I stepped on the scale last Monday and it said 127.5. How is it possible that I lost 2.5lb in 6 days?

Water weight perhaps? Retention from my Pizza and Beer from Last Wednesday now fully out of my system? Going through the “shock” effect from eating lots in Winnipeg to eating what I normally would at home? Time of the month being over?

I don’t know.

I found it hard to believe. I let the scale turn off. I moved it around the bathroom floor. Each time, 125. That number is, in truth, a little bit scary. My exercise has been a lot less strenuous the past 2 weeks. Lots of elliptical, Lots of walking, Lots of LIGHT weights. Not anywhere near enough to burn off 2.5lb. Perhaps the water retention from strenuous exercise is now gone?

Maybe a combination of all of these factors?

Not sure.

So whats my plan?

To be honest, I am not actively trying to lose weight. I am trying to be healthy. Eat when I am hungry. Stop when I am full. Enjoy my food to the fullest. Eat the foods I like. Cut back on processed crap. Reduce dairy and egg consumption. Exercise 30 minutes moderate pace each day, and at least 30 minutes light exercise. Listen to my body. Let my back heal.

This is what I have been doing. This is what I will continue to do. If I lose more weight, then my body will eventually come to a halt, a happy place, a good number to maintain at.

I do track all of my food, but that is more for nutrition than actual numbers. I don’t eat less than 1300 calories on any day, I am averaging about 1400-1600/day, which is sustaining.

I was asked to write a post on how I started Running, so watch for that sometime this week! I also just finished the book In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, so I am planning on doing a post regarding a plant based, whole foods diet, which is what I am striving to adopt, the whole foods part, I already have the plant based part down 😉

So that’s, that. Ask yourself before every meal: How many processed chemicals are in this food? Can I pronounce all the ingredients on the label? If your answers aren’t ideal, perhaps chose something else!

Happy, healthy, eating my friends,