Life is About to get Crazy (again)

Hey! Hi! Hello.

It feels like it has been a loooong time since I have done a legitimate post. Has it been? I don’t really know. :) Guess life has kept me pretty busy. I’ll just do a quick update and be on my way then!

Eating/Healthy Living – I’ve been just “Okay” in this department recently. I know I need to get my butt in to gear and somewhat get myself off of sugar/coffee because I am pretty sure they don’t serve both those things in Yandara 😉 Lord help me.

I have also been tossing around the idea of trying to lose a bit of the emotional weight that I gained back a year ago. When I first lost the weight I became so obsessed and fearful of what would happen if I gained it back.

Well, I gained some of it back. But I also worked through a lot of the emotional issues that were underlying my struggle with weight loss/weight gain/weight maintenance. And you know what? I survived. Actually, I would say I am “thriving” now. I’ve maintained my weight for close to a year now (hovering around 160lb – sometimes above that, sometimes below that). I don’t weigh myself too often because I don’t really see a point, but I am interested in lowering my weight by about 20lb to bring me to 140ish. I feel like that is a very sustainable weight for me in terms of balancing healthy eating and exercise. Unfortunately I have a sneaky suspicion that the amount of chocolate and other sweets I eat is preventing me from getting there and instead just letting me hover where I am at.

I don’t have too much of a plan in place as of yet, but I do plan on decreasing the amount of sugar that I am eating and hopefully that will in turn lower my weight. I am 100% aware of the reasons why I became obsessive and super restrictive before, and I can confidently say those issues do not effect me at this time. I also know how to handle them if/when then do poke their heads out, and I feel good about finally (maybe) bringing my weight down just a bit over a longer period.

Yoga – I am signed up for a 40 day Yoga Challenge at the Breathing Room, which for me is actually a 36 day Yoga Challenge because I am going away to Yoga School in 33 days (Holy Shit.). I have been working on my form and alignment for a lot of poses as well as working on sanskrit names and yogic philosophy. I am equal parts excited and nervous.

Work – BUSY. Wowwza. I have 2 Conferences/Meetings in May in Edmonton, then I go away for 18 days for Yoga School, then I come home for a day and then go away for a 4 day Nursing conference in Winnipeg. I only have 5 scheduled shifts in June 😀 YESSSSS. Working Days/Nights is actually going well, I have figured out how to fuel my body appropriately without starving or over eating.

Running – Hasn’t been happening. I ran 2 miles 2 weeks ago and that was fine, I could have kept going but just didn’t have it in me. I wish I still loved running like I used to, but right now, I don’t. I won’t be running in the Woody’s Half Marathon, but I will likely volunteer (Lindsey or Becky – Want to Volunteer with me?!) Maybe as the weather continues to improve I will feel the desire to run again? Maybe not. In the mean time, I am sending my running vibes to Leigh, so that her knee can heal fully.

Matthias – For those of you that don’t know, Matthias works away 2 weeks and then is home for 1 week. He has done this since October and he has finally gotten a job back in Red Deer! We are SO excited because we can hopefully spend more time together and he can actually have a life and hobbies again as opposed to just recuperating on the 5.5 days he was home on his days off (the other 1.5 were spent traveling).

Dogs are good, Cats are good, Life is good :)

Eating for Shift Work @FitApproach #SweatPink


I no longer follow the strict structure that I used to enforce with myself about eating. I ate at certain times of the day only, and I ate certain foods during those certain times. When you give up that structure at first you are left in a bit of a limbo, which is scary, but passes.

I eat more to my hunger now, and of course, to my work schedule.

Shift work is a challenging thing. It impacts all parts of your personal life, including your recreation, your intimate relationships, and your friendships. The hardest part about adjusting to shift work full-time was with eating. Eating for balance, health, and energy.

Working psych is not a physically demanding job. A lot of my 8 hours was often spent sitting, either charting, doing 1:1’s or sitting at the nursing desk during groups. For me, an idle mind leads to a hungry mind, so I struggled with mindless eating.

Now that I have switched back over to Maternity, I am so thrilled to be on my feet more! Walking to and from rooms, standing to help with breastfeeding and assessments, standing while I bath a baby, helping moms walk to the bathroom after a c-section, all things I get to do on my feet! Not to mention that the pace is way higher and I am MUCH busier. This leaves me less time to snack, but also means I need to plan my meals smarter so that I don’t get hungry in between my breaks.

Here is a typical Day or Evening shift:


Day shift breakfasts are a bit weird. I hate eating at 6am because I feel like I am starving the rest of the day, but I have also come to embrace that eating at 6am means I won’t get hypoglycemic when working on Maternity, so I do it :) I will eat a smoothie, yogurt and fruit, or oatmeal before a day shift on Maternity. Sometimes I don’t get away until 10:30am for a break, so my body thanks me for the early fuel. If I am working Psych, I will wait until my first break to eat, because I don’t get as hungry as quickly and breaks are generally at 9am-9:30am.

If I am working an evening shift I will eat when I get up for the day, which is anywhere between 9-10am.



Planning really is key when working shift work. If you don’t plan, you will most definitely be eating at the cafeteria, or pizza at the coffee shop daily. I see it regularly and I feel sad for their wallets!

I try to pack lots of vegetables, a fruit or 2, and a protein of some kind. A balance between carbohydrates, fat, and protein keeps me the fullest, but I don’t count calories or macros so I don’t know the ratios I am eating.

For tonight’s evening shift, I am going to eat roasted asparagus and steamed broccoli, 1 fillet of a fish we had in the freezer, steamed/sautéed in a pan with Salt, Pepper, Ghee, and random fish seasoning (I am not a great fish cooker :( it is unfortunate). I also ALWAYS bring a bag of organic baby carrots to munch on if I am bored. My current favorite hummus is Fontaine Sante Garlic – OMG so good. I eat copious amounts. I think I go through 2 tubs a month (and that is just me, Matthias doesn’t really eat hummus). Fruit today is Grapes, it is usually what I have on hand – Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Grapes or Berries, STONE FRUIT IN THE SUMMER <3 I like to drink tea when I work, so I have a bag of Vanilla Earl Grey, but I also have a Dark Hot Chocolate K-Cup, if the mood strikes 😉 For a sweet treat I have a Chocolate Truffle.

I wont always pack chocolate when I work Maternity because the new family’s seem to always drop off goodies and I have a hard time saying no, so if I just don’t pack one, I will take a few bites of whatever is on the lunch room table.

This is just what I PACK, often what I eat will differ slightly; A pack of PB with my Apple, an extra chocolate, sometimes I will forgo my chocolate and buy a cookie, other times I am just not feeling what I brought and will go out to buy something on my break (Most often happens at the Remand Center, and we will get Vietnamese takeout – YUM).

Just as I get Days/Eves figured out I am going to be jumping head first into a Days/Nights line, with slightly more Nights than Days.

Night shifts call for a whole other post of their own. Plus, I gotta figure out what works best for me at this point in my life and at this body size (Last time I worked nights I tended to not eat too much food because I didn’t want to go over my Calorie goal. No wonder I lost weight working them).

What type of work do you do? How do you eat during your work period? Has it changed over the job or over the years?